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Emergency Kit
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Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Why the Groom Needs One and 13 Things to Include

Your wedding day is exciting, butterfly-inducing and high-intensity. It’s also nerve-racking and sometimes terrifying. Fear not! These are all perfectly normal symptoms of you having a wedding day. There’s no way around them and, honestly, they’re part of the fun (at least in retrospect).

That being said, things can and do go wrong on wedding days. While the likelihood that you have a pipe burst or an unexpected tornado roll through is astronomical, minor emergencies like losing a button or needing a new razor blade are much more common. If you want your wedding day to be smoother than a close shave, you want to have a packed emergency kit.

Before You Start

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we start: Don’t buy a premade emergency kit. Seriously, they exist. They’re convenient, sure, but not the best option. Would you throw your new men’s wedding ring in a plastic bag and call it good? Of course not! Even if you’re going with silicone wedding bands, you still care for them. So, don’t buy a premade wedding emergency kit just because it’s more convenient. Craft something that makes sense for you.

What to Include in Emergency Kit


Yes, water. Have an emergency bottle of water with you just in case. Picture this: You’re about to head into the venue, and your throat suddenly feels like the Sahara Desert. Sure, it’s just nerves, but it needs to be dealt with. It’s tough to proclaim your undying love with a scratchy throat. Luckily, you’ve got the solution with you in a humble bottle of water. Don’t overlook it.

Lint Roller

Any fuzz or lint will show up on a tuxedo like you shined a black light on a motel room. A quick lint roll before you head out will keep you looking sharp the whole day.

Emergency Kit
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Mouthwash, Toothbrush and Floss

Whether you noticed something in your teeth or your best man let you know your breath smells horrible (the mark of a true friend), don’t panic; travel-sized accessories are here to save the day. If nothing else, your fiancée will appreciate a little swish of mouthwash if you’ve been drinking while getting ready the morning of.

Shaving Kit

Whether you want a full shave or just a touch-up for the neckline of your beard, this is a must-have. Bring a backup razor blade (or extra batteries if using a trimmer), just in case.


No emergency kit is complete without snacks. Energy bars and things of that nature are ideal if they’re small and won’t leave crumbs. Leave the granola bars in the cupboard. 


Whether you have prescriptions or allergy medications or are just packing some aspirin, make sure all the basics are covered here. Contact lens kits and backup glasses fall under this umbrella as well. Maybe a flask to calm the nerves, even, though that one’s really up to your discretion.

Phone Charger

Better yet, a power bank. Bring both if you like. While you may be better off leaving valuables like your phone or wallet locked in your hotel room, plan on bringing a charger if you’re going to have your phone on your wedding day. 

Clothing Backups

You probably don’t need a backup suit, but you do want small things like socks, buttons, cufflinks and shoelaces to be in your emergency kit. Having something as small as a shoelace break can throw everything off, so make sure you’re prepped.


If the ceremony or reception is outdoors, you really don’t want to start your marriage off with a sunburn. Slip a travel-sized sunscreen into your emergency kit, and you’re good to go. 

Image Source – Shutterstock.com

Stain Remover

Instead of BC and AD, we should really just measure the world in terms of stain remover pens. Seriously, what was the world like before we had portable stain removers? If you spill something on your shirt, it’s no longer the end of the world. Sure, you have to get to it pretty quickly, but if you’ve got a stain remover in your emergency kit, all is not lost.


Spills aren’t the only stains we’re worried about here. Whether it’s 100 degrees on your wedding day or you’re just nervous, having some deodorant to freshen up is going to be a must.

Shoe Shining Kit

Whether you want a small kit or just to go with shining wipes is up to you. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got something to fix scuffed shoes. They will show up in pictures, and they will be enshrined on the mantle.


Cash still has its uses. Use it to tip the vendors. Use it as an emergency fund to run to the nearest gas station for snacks. Whatever you do, carrying a bit of cash can get you out of a jam on your wedding day, especially if you’re leaving your full wallet in your hotel room.

With a whirlwind of a day, an ounce of prevention is worth a cup of cure (or whatever the measurements for that saying are). If you’re prepared with everything you need in your emergency kit, nothing can stop you!

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