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8 Unique Men’s Wedding Band Trends

Men’s wedding bands are getting a makeover! Traditionally, a man puts far less thought into their own wedding ring compared to their fiancé’s engagement ring. And rightfully so, they are our better halves after all! But this has resulted in men treating their ring style as an afterthought. Leaving plain silver or gold wedding bands as the top choice for a man’s wedding band.

But some may be surprised to know how many options men have for their wedding band. Options that can easily step up a man’s style.

And in recent years, men have started to put more of an emphasis on their wedding band design, opting for more modern styles and colors. While traditional gold and silver bands are still very popular, we are seeing new trends in the men’s wedding band industry.

From bold colors to statement diamonds, here are the top trends for men’s wedding rings in 2022:

Trending Men’s Wedding Band

1. Bolder Design Statements

Men are starting to seek out alternative designs, shapes, and colors. Unique elements such as bolts or screws, unique textures, and untraditional elements are becoming more and more popular. 

Men are starting to see their wedding band as a fashion statement, rather than merely a marriage tradition. And like with other men’s fashion trends, options with bolder design elements are becoming a popular choice.

2. Diamonds (Especially Black Diamonds)

Diamonds have long been the tradition reserved for the women’s wedding ring. But more and more men are now deciding that they want some bling in their ring. Black diamond wedding rings are especially popular. They provide the bling of a diamond while looking much more “manly”.

Most men opting for diamonds are going for the channel set setting as opposed to a solitary diamond. But there are surprisingly a lot of options for men who want to add diamonds to their band.

3. Alternative Metals

Alternative metals have been a trend for a while now due to their affordability compared to gold. But in 2022, we’re seeing even more alternative metals! From Tantalum and Zirconium to really unique materials such as dinosaur bone and meteorite. When it comes to wedding band metals, men appear to have an infinite amount of options!

4. Black Bands

Black rings are becoming extremely popular. They provide a more modern look for men and look good on a variety of skin tones. Going black is a great way to make a simple ring look more modern and stylish. In 2022, we predict more men to ditch the gold and silver for black!

5. Two-Toned Wedding Bands

Two-toned men’s rings have been around for a while. So they aren’t necessarily a new trend, but they are still a strong trend. Silver and gold, black and gold, and silver and black are some of the most popular two-toned combinations. But many are even opting for more unique colors such as red, blue, or green!

Opting for a two-toned band is a subtle way to add some flair to a traditional ring.

6. Going Silicone

Silicon bands became a thing a few years ago. When they were first introduced, they mostly acted as a secondary band for men to wear when doing things with their hands that a metal ring could interfere with. However, in recent years men are choosing silicon rings as their primary wedding band.

Silicon bands make sense for a lot of reasons. They’re extremely affordable. Much more comfortable than a traditional wedding band. They are somewhat stretchy so will fit as your hand swells or grows. And they are much safer to wear for people that do a lot of work with their hands. And now that they come in so many different styles and colors, men have a lot of great silicon rings to choose from.

You can even find silicone wedding bands that look like metal!

7. Choosing Rose Gold

Like diamonds, rose gold has been a color typically chosen by women. But in 2022, more and more men are opting for the color. Whether a solid rose gold band or a more traditional band that is accented by rose gold, the color is becoming a popular choice. Our favorite style is the rose gold inlay!

8. Non-Traditional Colors

The last trend we’re seeing is men opting for bold colors such as red, green, or blue. Some men are choosing these styles simply due to preference, while others may choose a specific color due to its meaning, or a representation of something important to them.

There you have it! These are the hottest wedding band trends for men. Although some may believe that purchasing a men’s wedding ring is a simple process, the variety of men’s bands is certainly expanding!

What do you think? Are these trends here to stay? 

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