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Write For Us: Writing is an art, it helps in conveying your messages to the masses. The most important thing while writing a blog or article is “Writing style”. How you are saying a sentence is more important than what you are saying. A good writing style, with vocabulary and punctuation, makes an article a perfect article. 

No matter what you are writing today, either an email, an attachment, a blog post, or an article selection of words, vocabulary, and sentence structures plays an important role. If you are a guest writer and looking for tips to “Write for us” then great, you are in the right place. 

You can write guest posts on different tops depending upon the nature and the type of website you are writing for. On our website, you can write for several categories and some most prominent are mentioned below. 

If you have expertise in any of the above-mentioned categories then feel free and Write For us. We will publish your guest posts. It’s the best opportunity for all the new writers to learn. 

In the article below I am going to share some writing skills and tips with you. You can improve your writing skills easily. You just need to change some habits and that’s it. 

So let’s have a look at tips to improve your writing skills. 

Tips to Improve your Writing Skills: 

Following are some of the tips that can make you a better content writer. 

Start Reading: 

To improve your writing skills, it is important to improve your reading habits first. A good reader is always a good writer. Simply read whatever you like, no matter if it’s a single paragraph or 2-3 pages. A good reader observes everything from sentence structures, to vocabulary and punctuations. Once you observe things keenly, you will automatically apply them in your writings. It is not necessary to force yourself to read things that are boring and you are not interested in. All you need to do is just take out 30 minutes from your busy life and read whatever you like. It might be a movie review, a comic book page, or anything related to your favorite game. 

Once you have developed the habit of reading, you will see your writing skills getting improved in just a few days. 

Be Brief and to the Point: 

While you are writing an assignment, an email, a blog post, or any article, try to be brief and to the point. One common mistake that every writer usually makes is “overwriting”. Sometimes, just to meet the requirement of “no of words” we usually add details that are not required. Also, writers make long sentences that make no sense. A good writer must know how to convey his message in minimum words. 

The minimum number of words is easy to read and readers instantly get what the writer is trying to say. 

To be brief, remember the following tips. 

  • Make short sentences. 
  • Try to write in short paragraphs (3-4 lines each paragraph) 
  • Use common words, don’t use words that are difficult to pronounce. 
  • Add punctuation marks to convey the message properly. 

Learn Spellings: 

In the English language, many words have different meanings but their sound and spellings are quite the same. These words are called “Homophones”. There are several examples like Mail and male. Mail means an email you are sending/receiving, whereas the male is sex. That’s why it is very important to learn about spellings, similar words, and their meanings. 

Though this is an era of autocorrect and technology. But as a writer, you must have skills of spelling words correctly without the help of any technology. To master your spelling skills, start “Write for us”. Yes, many websites and blogs offer new writers to write as a guest. You can create a guest post. Visit different websites, click on: write for us” and follow the criteria carefully. 

As a guest writer, you would learn a lot of new spellings and homophones. You will pronounce words correctly. 

Learn new Vocabulary: 

Using different words, new vocabulary is always attractive for the readers. New words get the reader’s attention at once and all of a sudden the writer’s impression becomes better. That’s why learning new vocabulary is one of the skills that every writer must have. You can learn new words by reading, by watching movies and your favorite Tv shows and by listening to new songs. 

Using attractive words doesn’t mean using completed words. Using a dictionary to find a complex synonym of simple words doest mean that you are doing your job correctly. All you need to do is use simple yet attractive words. 

Develop Your Writing Style: 

Let me tell you one of the best secrets to being a good blog writer. Every content that is available on the internet is not 100% original. The reader will come again and again on your blog/website if and only if he loves your writing style. As he/she can find similar information on tons of other websites too. The writing style of any writer attracts the maximum number of people. It is one of the biggest skills to generate organic traffic on any blog or website. 

You can Create different “Write For us” posts for various websites to develop your unique writing style. As guest posts are one of the most popular ways to practice writing and to attract people to you. 

Always Make Outline: 

Making an outline before writing anything is one of the best ways to stay focused. It helps you to cover all the important topics and it saves a lot of time. Take a clean page and write all the important points on it. Recheck it, again and again, to make sure that you are not missing any important points. Then start writing about these headings one by one. Create short paragraphs about each point. 


Proofreading is the best way to learn from your own mistakes. Before posting any content online, it is advised to read it twice and thrice. Find out the mistakes carefully, look into spelling and sentences. Add punctuation marks and edit other mistakes. Once you are sure that the content is error-free, then post it on any website/blog. 

If you are confused, then there is no harm in hiring a second pair of eyes for yourself. Ask any of your friends or teachers to proofread your content and make it error-free. 

Wrapping Up!!!

“Write for us” if you think you are a good writer and you can attract the maximum number of people. Writing for other blogs and websites is one of the easiest ways to improve your writing skills and to learn what kind of articles and blogs are appreciated by audiences. 

If you are new to the writing world, then worry not simply follow the above tips to improve your writing skills and to become a successful guest writer. 

What do you think is a key skill to become a good content writer? Feel free and share your ideas with us.

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