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How to Find The Perfect Fit: Sizing and Adjusting Your Dress Belt
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How to Find The Perfect Fit: Sizing and Adjusting Your Dress Belt

Shopping for belts can be a challenge. Whether it’s finding the perfect fit, the right style, or a material that will hold up over time, belts that have everything you need may seem impossible to find. You may be used to settling for a belt with some of what you require, but not everything. 

Instead of wasting your money on a belt that lacks what you truly need, invest in a belt that has everything you want and then some. Indeed, finding high-quality belts that won’t break the bank is more than possible. You need to think strategically about how you shop and assess the sizing and adjustment of the belts you may be interested in buying. 

Did you know there is a specific way to assess the size and fit of a belt? Like feeling where your toes sit in a pair of new shoes, there are easy tricks to determine if a belt you’ve tried on fits correctly. Below, we discuss finding the perfect fit by teaching you how to assess the sizing and adjust your desired dress belt. Read on and visit the site BeltOutlet.com to learn more. 

How to Determine Your Belt Size

To accurately establish your size, measure your hip circumference. To begin measuring your belt size, loop a tape measurer through the belt loops on your pants and use your finger to mark where the tape measurer meets one complete circle around your hip. Use this measurement to choose dress belt sizes that most closely reflect the circumference of your hip. Explore how to crafting fashionable accessories for any occasion.

How to Tell If Your Belt Fits

In addition to applying your belt measurement to any belts you’re interested in buying, you can use the simple rule of adding 2 inches to your pant size to determine the belt size you need. So, if you wear pants with a 32-inch waist, your best fit will be a 34-inch dress belt. 

How to Adjust Your Dress Belt 

Another thing to keep in mind is how the belt notches are used when you adjust your belt for the right fit. Ideally, you want to utilize the middle notch of the five notches on your belt. Some belts may contain more than five notches, but five is the standard number for most belts. 

For belts with five notches, ensure the buckle pin quickly goes through the middle notch. If you have to force it, the belt is likely too small for you. If you can get away with wearing your belt on the first couple notches, it may not sit as centered as you’d like. Consider a larger dress belt size that you can adjust appropriately. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit 

To find the perfect fit, look for belt sizes that match your hip circumference and that rest centered on your hips. Remember that the thickness of your pant loops and the belt material you try may influence how well belts fit on your body. Use the tips above as you shop for your perfect dress belt.

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