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Playboy Clothing Popular

Why Is Playboy Clothing Popular?

Jordan Terrell Carter (born September 13, 1996), better known by the stage name Playboi Carti, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. It was released on April 14, 2017, the date of his eponymous debut mixtape. When he started his music career in 2011, he went by the moniker Sir Cartier.

In November 2012, Sir Cartier released a mixtape called Young Misfit under the Sir Cartier moniker. When he turned 17, Sir Cartier changed his name. A rapper who records and performs under the alias Playboi Carti, he rose to fame with his song “Broke Boi” in 2015.  It was in 2016 that he appeared on the debut album of A$AP Mob.

Playboy Carti Collaborations

As longtime fashion partners, Supreme and Playboy have a long history. The 2011 Supreme x Playboy Varsity Jacket is considered the duo’s most iconic collab due to its minimalist design. Among the other notable items in the collection are hats, beanies, and keychains.

Playboy x ASSC 

Playboy collaborated with streetwear brand Anti-Social Social Club on September 23. The collection features hoodies, t-shirts, and hats in a striking black/pink colorway. The capsule collection received praise despite its simple design and color scheme.

Playboy x Bape

Playboy and Bape shocked streetwear fans when they announced their collaboration in June 2013. In addition to t-shirts, outerwear, and accessories, the capsule collection included accessories. As part of the collaboration, the iconic bunny logo was also decked out in Bape’s camo.

Joyrich x Playboy

Joyrich and Playboy’s 2017 collab drew inspiration from the magazine’s glamorous past, according to reports. The clothes and accessories in the collection were styled to mimic trends from the 1980s and 1990s. There have been several collaborations between Joyrich and Playboy, with capsule collections released in 2014 and 2016.


Enjoy your pursuit of pleasure with everything you need. Playboy’s legacy and taboo-breaking ethos are celebrated in a range of jackets, fleeces, woven and tees, including the limited Varsity Jacket and Playboy bunny shirt that are exclusively available at Vlone.

Playboy Launches Second Drop in Collaboration With Pacsun for Spring

The iconic lifestyle brand has partnered up with Pacsun for another collection in its fashion partnership geared towards young men and women to coincide with the launch of its latest collaboration with Misguided.

According to an announcement from Playboy, the brand will release an exclusive collection for Pacsun on Mar. 15 for menswear and Mar. 18 for womenswear. With nylon gradient tie-dye prints, loose-fitting T-shirts, and more, the 138-piece Playboy carti capsule collection is inspired by 1970s surf culture. Also included in the collection are Pacsun’s signature all-over prints, which give select pieces a unique touch.

Playboy Bunny Logo

Playboy’s logo is one of the most iconic logos in the world, symbolic of prestige, sexiness, and a little bit of mystique. The iconic rabbit has been a huge part of the Playboy logo throughout its history. This image has been featured on every cover of every Playboy magazine ever published. There is a Playboy magazine logo on every Playboy magazine, although you may not notice it at first glance. For years, the Playboy staff would hide the logo somewhere on the cover of each magazine, and it became a tradition.

Playboy Carti Clothing Collection

Vlone has ranked all varsity jacket- shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirt among the best products. Vlone released the collection as part of their Spring/Summer Playboy carti Collection.

Playboi Carti Mickey Mouse Tour Merch Hoodie –Black

When Playboy Records was acquired by Epic Records in 1978, Gilley joined Epic Records. His career began to wane in 1979. Playboi carti sang a song for Mickey when Gilley requested it during the Merch tour. Disney Mouse is printed on the front of this Playboy Hoodies, making it unique and attractive. This hoodie is available at Vlone.

Playboi Carti Die Lit Tour Ribcage Long sleeve -White

The American rapper Playboi Carti is known for his gothic fashion sense, experimental musical style, and mysterious public persona. Playboi Carti, born Sir Cartier, began rapping at a young age, and became known as Playboi Carti in 2013. The Comfortable Playboi Carti Die Lit Tour Ribcage Long sleeve -White is available at Vlone in a variety of colors and designs.

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