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Chris Hemsworth
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How To Dress Like Chris Hemsworth

The relationship between fashion trends and celebrities has been something that has always been prevalent. Celebrities influence whatever is in fashion, and when they’re seen on the covers of the magazines like GQ, it just elevates what they’re wearing even further.

For magazines to have someone in the mold of Chris Hemsworth is a real coup for any designer – he’s one of the hottest properties in Hollywood, most famous for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a far cry from his beginnings as an actor in the Australian soap-opera Home and Away, that’s for sure.

Since first being cast as the fantasy character back in 2011, Hemsworth has featured as Thor in no less than eight movies. Some of these have ranked amongst the highest-grossing movies of all time and it’s this sizable exposure that has pushed Hemsworth and his character into superstardom. Thor’s footprint (or hammer print) is visible right across digital media too, as there are numerous mobile games available, the most notable being Thor: Son of Asgard.

There is a Thor-themed title amongst the online slots on Foxy Bingo, called Thor’s Vengeance. It features popular imagery such as the hammer, which is also now synonymous with Hemsworth. The hammer is also prevalent in video gaming, where it’s used as a special weapon in the game Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, and he even features in the more family-friendly Lego Marvel Superheroes too.

This constant exposure to the character, and subsequently Hemsworth, generate more interest in him, which means his off-screen attire is admired just as much. So let’s take a look at some of his more memorable outfits so that you can bring a little bit of Thor into your own fashion choices.

Chris Hemsworth Everyday Style

Hemsworth’s style has evolved somewhat; however, he always looks for the understated rather than the extraordinary or outlandish. He initially had a classic style which saw him wearing well-fitted dark denim jeans with a plain dark t-shirt and, more often than not, a leather jacket too. It’s a style that’s easy to replicate, but even recently, when he’s changed up his look, it’s still not too far removed from what we’ve been accustomed to. He’s exchanged the t-shirt for linen to complement his relaxed silhouette, but he has been showing off a little more with his jewelry of late with a designer watch.

Chris Hemsworth Hair And Beard

Thor is known for his beard and hair, and Hemsworth is no different; they both share a masculine, confident look despite their very different styles. Hemsworth’s hair is medium in length and frames his face well, and when it comes to facial hair, it’s just as well cropped. It’s short and trimmed down from his sideburns and similarly around his chin and jaw.

Hitting The Red Carpet

It’s under the glare of the flashbulbs at movie premieres where Hemsworth steps up his attire. He has a love of the paisley suit, with the blue droplet style pattern being a favorite. He matches it with a shirt of the identical pattern but offsets it with a plain navy tie and black leather oxford shoes. His colors are often dark greys and deep blue as we’ve just mentioned. However, at the Golden Globes, he tries to be a little different with their white tie dress code. But he retains the classic look by wearing a three-piece suit in midnight blue, with wide peak lapels and accessories with a pocket watch.

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