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Homemade Pottery - Introduction to All the Requirements
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Homemade Pottery – Introduction to All the Requirements

Homemade pottery is easy and exciting and any family member can enjoy it. If you intend to introduce this at home as a hobby or source of income, then you need to know more about it. Both new and seasoned makers can learn and do pottery at home with ease when they know all of the needed requirements.

Would you like to engage in homemade pottery? If yes, this guide will be invaluable to you. It will help you to set up your homemade pottery and express your creativity by making beautiful and functional pieces.

What You Need for Homemade Pottery

First, you need to prepare with the right tools and equipment as well as space. Most people have the idea but lack the important setups to get started. If you cannot set up at home but still need to practice engaging in pottery, you can try shops such as Supper Club in the UK that bring makers together to exercise their skills. Back home, here is what you need to get started.

  • Space – Before any equipment or material, you need a corner to work from. It could be your garage, outdoor shed, home workshop, or any other appropriate space.
  • Clay – Homemade pottery is all about clay, and it is the most important material here. Today, you can find high-quality clay of different types. The one you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the results you want. Popular types of clay include porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware.
  • Pottery wheel – This device enables makers to mold and make pottery with their hands as it rotates. It is an important device for you to mold clay into different forms. You can either try the manual or electric pottery wheel. As a beginner, you can choose one depending on your budget, preference, and the type of pottery you want to make.
  • A kiln – Have you been keen on modern kilns used for homemade pottery? You should check them out online and compare. A kiln is used to bake and harden clayware after they have been crafted. Some kilns are electric while others are gas, so choose well.

Other Tools

Apart from the above requirements, there are many other small tools you need to make your homemade pottery a success. The list is long, but collecting the important small tools is highly recommended. Here are some of the tools:

  • Needles and pins – Used for making small holes in clayware.
  • Scrapers and spatula – Used to give the product a carving, giving final shape, smoothening, and the like.
  • Cutting wire and knives – Used for a variety of cutting roles such as dividing large chunks of clay, scraping, trimming, and more.
  • Ribbons – Used for carving and trimming during the molding process.
  • Brushes and sponges – Used for smoothing, glazing, and cleaning surfaces.
  • Paint – Used to color clay and porcelain in certain areas, especially for people who love art.


Once you gather all of the requirements, you can start to practice shaping and molding your clay. You will definitely enjoy using all the tools we’ve mentioned and many more that you might discover. All the best.

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