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Gloves, Scarves, and Layers: Styling with Jewelry to Make Your Winter Outfit Stand Out

The latest jewelry trends are anything but subtle. The right kind of jewelry can transform even an ordinary outfit. It adds a touch of personal taste to your overall look. This season instead of your minimalistic mini hoops, go for bold and bright-colored earrings. Big, bright, and bold is the motto of this year’s jewelry trends. Apart from trends, you can just choose classic gold/silver bands as rings. Traditional jewelry in winter has its own vibe. Above all, it never goes out of fashion.

As the temperature drops, coats and shawls replace summer dresses and breezy gowns. It’s a tough choice to either be fashionable or keep yourself warm in winter. It is a must to wear full sleeves in cold weather, so does that mean saying goodbye to flaunting your beautiful bracelets? 

Do the turtlenecks and woolen scarves mean no more necklaces? Should the beautifully woven gloves keep you from wearing your favorite rings or showing your wedding band? We agree that styling with layered clothing in winters is difficult, but it’s not impossible. 

In extreme cold, when hats and jackets take over, you can still find ways to transform your basic looks with unique accessories that don’t affect the functionality of your outfit. 

Here are some tips to help you look good while staying warm and comfy.

Big Rings or Classic Bands

When it is not cold enough to wear gloves, it is your day to flaunt your rings. Winter clothing has a darker color palette. So, don’t be afraid to stand out. And experiment with different colors and shapes. Go for big rocks in bright colors like amethyst, rubies, or sapphires.

With a dark-colored outfit, just one big bright-colored ring is enough. Go for big rings when wearing coats. Stacked rings are a summer style. However, if that’s what you prefer, don’t shy away. However, make sure that you stack no more than two or three rings on a single finger. When wearing dark-colored sweaters, stack two to three thin rings.

Classic gold/silver bands never go out of style. Try to wear them with leather jackets. Don’t wear rings over gloves. If you want to, platinum bands can be worn over fancy satin or velvet gloves. But never wear any ring over casual thick wool gloves.

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Classic Studs or Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings with beautiful patterns can be styled with neutral-colored sweatshirts and jeans. Dangling earrings in different shapes, lengths, and patterns are available everywhere so your options are endless. 

Choose earrings of medium length to wear with turtle necks. When wearing hats or winter caps, dangle earrings are a good option. Hats might cover your ears, but earrings dangling below would still be visible.

However, if you are planning to wear a scarf, go for classic pearl or stud earrings. Dangling earrings may get caught up in the scarf and irritate you. Pearl earrings with all-black outfits make for an elegant and chic look.

Gold Chain or Stacked Necklaces

Gold chains or other thin necklaces can be easily worn with fitted turtlenecks. Instead of wearing a chain alone, add it to a stack of necklaces. Single chains in winter are not popular. Bulkier statement necklaces are more in fashion this season and work particularly well with plain designs in primary colors.

For bulky high necks, go for stacked necklaces. Bright-colored statement necklaces should be worn with crew-necked sweaters and shirts. Two single pendant necklaces and one simple chain can be easily paired with a V-neck to create an effortless look.

Pins or Brooches

Pins and brooches have made a comeback recently. Pins and brooches are often confused as the same thing. Historically they were different. However, these days both words mean the same thing. The only difference is that brooches have more traditional and extravagant designs, whereas pins have both minimalistic and modern options available.

Don’t shy away from adorning your cardigans with a brooch. Choose one in bright colors. Brooches can also be attached to the lapel of your coat and can be put on your scarf. There are multiple ways to style a brooch. So, style it according to your preference. The best place to attach your brooch is between your collar bone and breast. 

Pins, just like brooches, can also be styled in several ways. From your hair to handbags, they can be pinned to everything. In winter, when most accessories are hidden, pins can still be easily styled in places that are visible and catch the eye. 

Adding pins to your casual outfits can immediately transform a dress from casual to more formal or partially fancy. It also gives your look an elegant vibe. Pins can also be attached to your formal dresses and worn for formal events as well.

Bracelets or Watches

It is said that summer is for bracelets and winter is for watches. However, it’s all about preference. Both can be styled well with your winter clothes.

Bold and wide bracelets should be worn over the skin-tight sleeves of your sweater. On mild winter days, opt for sweaters with quarter sleeves and flaunt either two or three bracelets at once or one thin, beautiful bracelet. Don’t wear bracelets with coats covering your entire arms. Also, don’t wear them with chunky sweaters.

When it comes to watches, leather-strapped watches fit the winter mood perfectly. Watches add a classic touch to your look. Opt for black or white dials, as they go with everything. Your watch should be thin, not bulky. With heavy coats and sweaters, bulky watches look rather tacky, so choose a compact design or just add a leather bracelet as an alternative.


Winters are often considered synonymous with dark and depressing. It doesn’t mean your outfits have to be boring as well. Add unique and beautiful jewelry pieces to your wardrobe. It will increase the aesthetic appeal of any basic winter outfit. 

Even if you have limited clothing options, adding different jewelry pieces will give a new look to that same old sweater of yours. So, this season, do not forget to experiment with unique accessories.

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