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3 Things To Do If You’re Living Between Homes
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3 Things To Do If You’re Living Between Homes

Leaving one property for another isn’t always a straightforward process. There can be any number of complications that stagger the process.

Not only is the market paralysed around buying a property today, but there can also be more delays if there’s a significant chain. You can be between homes for different reasons, too; challenging relationships with those you’re living with, financial difficulties, and more.

While it’s tough, you can recover from a situation where you’re living between homes. Here are some tips to help you keep your head above water in these complex circumstances.

Find Temporary Accommodation

Try not to panic about fleetingly living elsewhere. Temporary accommodation comes in many forms. Some solutions will appeal to you more than others, and that’s okay. It may be worth trying to temporarily live with friends and family first, as people you know may be more lenient around expenses and perhaps provide better care and company for you. Perhaps you could couch surf weekly or offer help with bills to reassure them that you respect boundaries and responsibilities, and that you won’t permanently stay. You’re not a burden, but if you ever feel like you are, staying on the move regularly in those situations may ease those feelings.

If loved ones aren’t an option, other services may help if you have the funds. Hotels, Airbnb’s, and shelters can put a roof over your head for a short while. People may be looking to rent rooms very cheaply, too. Ultimately, you have a healthy range of options. Each is nice if you remind yourself it’s temporary. Explore one or all of them.

Think About Storage

While selling your goods is sometimes reasonable if you’re incredibly strapped for cash, you may be able to store them instead if your finances are still reasonably healthy. Storing goods makes everything far less traumatic. It’s important to only deal with storage specialists who have a people-first approach. Their prices should be competitive, and they should remove other concerns like heavy lifting, unloading and loading, van hire, and any other taxing hard work from your mind. They’ll care about you, which will undoubtedly be a welcome feeling when you do not have a place to call home for now. 

Firms like Stored Away are a good idea of what to seek. They’ll come out and collect your goods and offer free collection if you’re going to use their services for over six months. When you’ve found a new home, they’ll gladly return your goods to you, having taken good care of them. Their help means you won’t have to say a final farewell to the belongings you cherish nor worry about them being damaged or neglected elsewhere.

Reroute Correspondences 

If you’re on the move with your living situation, others may need to know. Your home address and phone number may need to be amended so you can complete your admin without delay. 

You can rent personal mailboxes or even set up a PO box. Moreover, some firms can receive your mail, scan it for you, and give you access to their secure servers, where you view a digital version from your smartphone or computer. Remember, not all communications take place over email and text today, so ensure these safety nets are in place.

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