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Best Satin Robes For Women Tips You Will Read This Year

Weddings can be stressful, and finding the perfect satin robe for you and your bridesmaids can be challenging. Today, satin robes for women are a dime a dozen, so where can you look to find the best one for your wedding day? At Pretty Robes, we’ve found 4 major factors you need to consider while deciding on your bridal party’s getting-ready look.

The Importance of Robe Color

Image Source – prettyrobes.com

Satin robes for women come in a variety of colors and it’s important to choose one that matches your wedding color scheme. Widely known wedding website, The Knot, found that the top 5 wedding colors for 2022 included gold, white, ivory/champagne, dark blue, and light pink. It doesn’t matter if you prefer on-trend pink and white tones such as blush, peach or ivory or you’d rather have more unconventional colors like emerald green, regal purple, or teal for your bridal party robes, but it might be good to keep in mind both your wedding colors, if you have them, as some robes can make for a more striking appearance than others. 

Giving careful consideration to photography is also an important factor of choosing robe colors. Often, wedding photographers have a specific style of filters they might use to edit the pictures they take to help unify their photographs. Although these editing techniques can definitely help in keeping your pictures cohesive, editing can only do so much. To keep your satin robes from “stealing the show”, make sure your robe color fits with the rest of your wedding theme to ensure that the robe color doesn’t take away from your special day’s pictures.

Colors also hold great symbolic value in many cultures and traditions. White is often used as a symbol of purity, cleanliness, and delicacy while colors such as sage green may be used to symbolize wisdom, growth, and peace. Depending on if you value such symbolism, choosing a robe color that will fit what description you’d like to embody is essential to your bridal robe decision. Using robes with symbolic colors can be a fun and subtle way to welcome a new chapter of your life.

Robe Silhouettes and Why They Matter 

When deciding on the perfect robes for your wedding, it may be useful to look at different robe designs. Although many satin robes for women come as plain satin, robes can also be found with lace and piped trims, as well as a variety of patterns. Although plain satin robes are elegant by themselves, brides who may prefer a more elevated or luxurious look can find just that in differing robe designs. Not only does the silhouette of bridal party robes play a key role in deciding which robes would be good for your wedding, but alternate designs can also help you to stay on theme with your wedding location. A garden ceremony might utilize floral patterned robes while robes with lace inclusions might cater better towards a more traditional wedding. Although personal preference and taste should come first when deciding on bridal party robes, if you’re having trouble deciding between robe styles, use the robe that will match your venue or theme. 

Another significant factor when choosing robe styles is how they look on you and your bridesmaids. People come in all shapes and sizes and certain styles of robes may be more flattering on different body types. Though bridal party robes may only appear for a small portion of the wedding festivities, you and your bridesmaids should be feeling and looking your best on such a special day. One way to ensure this is to turn to your bridesmaids and ask their opinion on which robes they feel would suit them the best. Pose questions such as “would you feel confident wearing these robes while we get ready for the ceremony?” and “do you have any concerns about the fit or style of the robes?” to get a better idea of how your bridesmaids feel about certain robe styles and elements.

Customization: Two Major Elements

Pretty Robes
Image Source – Prettyrobes.com

Monograms, initials, and custom names are often used to personalize clothing items – including bridal party robes. Brides will often choose to customize their satin robes to create a special and unique keepsake for their bridesmaids. Adding customization to robes can also further theme motifs of an event and can create cohesion between elements of the wedding day. Are customized satin robes right for you? Let’s consider two elements of customization: vinyl color and font choice. 

Vinyl is the material used to press names, titles, monograms, or logos onto clothing items and can come in a large variety of colors. When choosing a color for your customization, consider how the color of the robe and text will look together and how visible it will be. Black and white are color combinations that work well together because they have high contrast. However, colors such as red and blue or yellow and green have poor contrast, making them difficult to read. Color schemes with low readability can even cause eye strain if the colors are bright enough. Vinyl color is not the only important factor of customization, though. satin robes for women font choice and design style are also critical elements of customization that should be considered when deciding on personalization. Font can influence the perception of an event and a wedding is no small feat! Although your font choice should reflect your own personal style and the theme of your wedding, using script fonts that include cursive-style text is an easy way to make your customization look elegant. Designs such as wreaths, hearts, or arrows can add an element of fun and whimsy to a customization without taking away from the text. Together, vinyl color and font choice can influence how a custom design may look on bridal robes.

The Price

The aforementioned 3 tips to help narrow down your robe decision should also go hand in hand with the most important factor of all – your budget. With the wedding industry having grown to be worth an estimated $53.4 billion as of 2013 with approximately 2.5 million weddings occuring every year, even small weddings can prove to be quite expensive. Robes can range from $15 to $200, so it’s important to take into consideration how much you are willing to spend. Robes that are high quality or have intricate details might look stunning, but they may burn a hole in your wallet. On the other hand, lower quality robes may run the risk of having possible wardrobe malfunctions, inaccurate colors, and/or uncomfortable fabric textures. Robe prices also highly depend on how many bridesmaids you have, making it more expensive the more robes you will be purchasing. If you have a large bridal squad, it may be useful to search for bridal robe bundles which can help you save on large, bulk orders. Buying from small businesses is also a way that you can get cute and stylish robes cheaper. Small businesses often sell directly to the consumer which means that they don’t have to raise prices in order to break even, making shopping small or local a more affordable way to purchase robes and other items. 


When deciding on the kind of bridal robes for your wedding, the choices can be overwhelming. Some may find it difficult to find where to start. Let’s reiterate the 4 vital factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on satin bridal robes:

Color – Robe colors should coincide with your own personality and taste while remaining true to your wedding colors and theme. Though some may choose to use colors that are special or symbolic to them, robe colors should reflect your wedding as a whole.

Style – Robe styles should not only flatter the bride, but should be loved by the bridesmaids as well. With so many robe styles available, it can be difficult to choose a style specific to you, but by consulting with your bridesmaids, and considering your venue and theme, robe style doesn’t have to be a hard decision.

Personalization – Customization can bring together your bridal getting-ready look and make your bridal party feel special with robes that are specific to them. With the right vinyl and font choice, your bridal party robes will be something that your bridesmaids will cherish for years to come.

Budget – Weddings are expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having beautiful and comfortable bridal robes. Higher prices don’t always equate to higher quality which means that brides who are on a budget can still find robes that are of good quality without having to pay a lot.

Although bridal party robes are a small portion of your wedding day, they can make you and your bridal party feel luxurious while getting ready for such an important event. The right robe is crucial to your wedding day and should be an item that you look back on fondly as a reflection of your personality and style.

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