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A Guide to Hair Integration
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A Guide to Best Hair Integration in 2023

There appears to be a lot of mystery bordering hair integration for a good reason. A great deal of the salons that offer the service cost rather high makes use of confusing terms as well as dressed-up language to offer something that isn’t specifically made complex. It’s not innovative as well as it’s not new. Afro Caribbean stylish people have been utilizing these techniques for decades.

This is a totally sincere overview concerning specifically what it is, and what’s included almost as well as monetarily.

Hair integration can be life-altering yet just like all hair loss solutions, there are compromises and also, it is essential to recognize what is involved before committing financially and psychologically.

What is Hair Integration?

To conserve confusion, this blog is not regarding hair systems likewise called hair integration. These units are made to give quantity to hair but are not appropriate for patches of loss of hair on the crown as the net is entirely visible. I have actually seen beauty salons providing this kind of solution, calling it hair integration, as well as it looks horrible on the wrong client.

Hair integration systems connect a mattress topper and weft hair extensions to your natural hair when you do not have adequate hair to connect them in the standard means. The hair system is affixed for weeks each time, so you can oversleep, exercise and shower. You never ever have to see your hair loss once more, and also, nobody will certainly ever need to understand.

Seems also good to be true, right? Well, it is a little bit. Below the stuff you will not be told but need to understand.

Below is The Process:

A piece of mesh is affixed to your head by drawing what hair is offered through the holes in the mesh as well as safeguarding with microbeads (these coincide with beads used by hair extensionists to use solitary item hair extensions). Good salons will take the time to form the mesh to your head by rushing the product, although I have seen lots that do not.

When the mesh has actually been protected to your scalp, a topper (a parting) will be stitched to the mesh. Toppers have been available in numerous dimensions and high qualities. The most effective ones have a silk base and also are larger.

When the mattress topper is safe and secure, weft hair extensions will be sewn around the mesh base. Once more, the high quality of hair extensions differs dramatically.

Some service technicians use lace fronts so the systems can diminish your face and also you have a natural hairline.

How Long Does it Take?

Although it’s not technically hard for any knowledgeable hair extensionist to use, it does take a very long time to set up. Commonly six hours in the beauty salon chair as well as more than one stylist is entailed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Quality hair is pretty pricey as well as the moment called for to mount the device, by normally greater than one professional, with the huge beauty parlors billing a whole lot more. Nonetheless, you do require to think that they have high leas as well as a qualified team to pay.

This is only part of your monetary dedication. Monthly there are upkeep costs. The hair wefts, as well as the parting, will require changing every couple of months which will cost numerous hundreds. Many hair salons do not get rid of the systems consistently, so when they do, it’s a significant job and requires lots of cash. So before you get connected for the first time physically and emotionally, see to it you have the funds.

How Much Maintenance Does it Need?

Different beauty salons will certainly have various procedures, yet it’s relatively typical to be needed to participate in 6 times weekly maintenance appointments. It is vital you go to these sessions to keep your assimilation looking all-natural. However, some professionals will just tighten up a system or finish any kind of repair work. They do not get rid of the system, clean everything up and also reattach. I have actually heard that some hair salons leave consumers in systems for over six months. Not just is this unclean, but as gifted as your service technician is, they have no idea how your hair is handling the pressure beneath.

It’s not unusual to have a system eliminated to uncover your loss of hair has actually progressed. The concern is that it can’t be shown the system triggered the issue, as it might have occurred anyhow.

How Long Does a System Last?

Many beauty salons declare that a hair system can last 2 years to assist the spending. However, during this moment, you will frequently change the partings as well as weft hair extensions, so the only thing that in fact, lasts 2 years is the mesh base. After 2 years, some salons will certainly insist you need to replace the entire device once more.

Who Can Have Integration?

An experienced specialist should do all the checks to see if your hair is solid enough to sustain a system. The system is a great service for sufferers of trichotillomania and women pattern baldness.

There are great deals of locations that will mount them for any type of problem, and also, you will need to sign a contract to claim it’s at your own threat.

What Does it Feel Like to Put On?


For an initial couple of days, the system will really feel rather limited till it resolves in a bit. There is something attached to your head, so certainly you will be aware of it, but if you enjoy the system, you will be prepared to live with it and neglect your using it the majority of the time. At times it can be scratchy, so it’s ideal for getting involved in excellent practices when cleaning your system and also the items you use.

Sleeping in hair assimilation can take a little time to obtain, as well as you will certainly be much more familiar with your system in bed than any other time as it’s pressing against the head and also including tension. You may be advised to link back your hair to avoid tangling. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will assist in avoiding tangling and drying your hair.


It’s not uncommon, after the initial elation of having hair once more, to alter your mind and regret doing it. It can be hard to adapt to a new you, and you will certainly believe everyone can tell it’s a wig. If set up correctly, they look undetectable as well as extraordinary, but it can be difficult to see past the brand-new you.

Permit on your own 2 weeks to get used to the brand-new system. Usually, afterwards, most ladies realize they enjoy it as well as it has actually entirely transformed just how they really feel about themselves. In fact, it can be extremely tough to see it eliminated once again!

Washing Hair Integration

The common hair care routine for cleaning hair extensions puts on hair integration. No conditioner on the roots. Use quality products, no rubbing at the hair to clean or dry.

Hair enhancements can take a rather long period of time to dry completely. It’s best to leave it to dry normally for as long as feasible before you coiffure it.

Never go to bed with wet hair.

Tips for Finding Somebody to Do It.

Hair integration is still a niche solution as well as some locations will certainly have extra options than others. If you have a hard time finding someone, get in touch as well as we will certainly attempt to help. The following is some information I would certainly gather prior to dedicating myself to a system.

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