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6 Best Gifts for Jewelry Lovers
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6 Best Gifts for Jewelry Lovers

For some people, receiving and giving gifts is a love language, and what they appreciate most is the thoughtfulness of a present. For others, it’s about how extravagant a gift is. The art of giving, in both cases, is no simple feat. You want to make sure that the gift is something the recipient will like and enjoy using frequently with fond thoughts of you. As far as gifting goes, jewelry is always a safe bet since it’s available in countless versions to please people with a wide variety of styles and preferences. There are also lots of ways to present jewelry. You can go the traditional route using a little velvet box tied with a ribbon or present it with a bouquet of flowers and a kiss. Here are some ideas for gifting jewelry lovers, whether it’s on a holiday, for another special occasion, or just as a “thinking of you” token.

1. Women’s Watches

Luxury watches are timeless gift pieces that are ideal gifts for any woman. A luxurious watch can be a thoughtful gift from a husband to his wife, a joyful reminder of the time they’ve already spent together as well as the years they still have to look forward to. A watch is not only a fashion piece but also a functional accessory since there are situations in which everyone needs to tell the time without having to reach for their phone. 

For women, slimmer watches communicate femininity. If you’re in the mood to splurge, choose a clock face that’s embellished with precious gems. Designer watches, from Patek Phillipe to Hublot, are also all the rage. Taking your time is essential when picking out women’s luxury watches because you want the gift to be close to perfect as possible.

2. Men’s Watches

A watch is also a good idea if you’re having trouble deciding on what to get a man. Whether it’s your father, brother, husband, or close friend, a simple yet tasteful watch is a great way to go. Any old watch won’t do, however, especially if it’s to mark an important occasion such as a graduation, wedding anniversary, or birthday. Go big, and get him a stylish Cartier watch or a classic men’s Rolex watch with a twist like a sapphire-blue dial. To personalize the watch, you could commemorate the date and occasion with an engraving on the back of the case.

3. Birthstone Jewelry

There are few things as heartwarming as a birthday celebration. A great way to commemorate a birthday is by choosing jewelry fitted with the stone that corresponds to the month when the recipient was born. There is at least one gemstone for each month. For example, July’s birthstone is the beautiful and widely coveted ruby. You could give a July baby a matching set of ruby earrings and a necklace. 

Many precious and semiprecious stones are associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac, too. If the birthday person you have in mind is into astrology but not a big fan of their traditional birth-month stone, it’ll be easy to find a gem that’s said to bring luck to people born under their sign. For instance, you can choose white sapphire to help a Taurus prosper or coral to help a Scorpio succeed, and have it set in a gold or silver piece that symbolizes their sign.

6 Best Gifts for Jewelry Lovers
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4. Pearl Jewelry

The beautiful thing about pearls is that they do not seem to ever go out of style. They easily go with all kinds of outfits, regardless of how casual or formal. Fashion trendsetters have found ways to not only incorporate them with women’s outfits but also with menswear. So, this is a good gift idea for men who consider themselves fashion rule-breakers. 

Traditionally, pearls are often white or cream-colored. For a fashion-forward choice, you might select a jewelry set with gray or black pearls that have a more modern look. These treasures also come in hues such as pink, blue, purple, and golden. South Sea and Tahitian pearls can be particularly stunning. Pearls are also an ideal jewelry gift because of how excellently they suit different skin tones. They could also wind up being an heirloom passed from generation to generation, with each generation having a different story behind the pearls.

5. Unique Stones or Crystals

As desirable as diamonds and other precious gems are, crystals also have their place in jewelry for gifting, and some of them are quite rare. These natural works of art are heavily associated with wellness and spiritual healing. Wonderful gifts bound to be cherished by many incorporate crystals like moonstone, agate, and mystical quartz. Some crystals have elaborate structures that resemble clusters of candy or regal towers. You can have them fitted into pendants, necklaces, earrings, or rings. In their natural form, they can be placed in bowls for decorative purposes.

6. Custom-Made Charms

Charms might seem like an unconventional idea, especially for a man. However, they could be quite fitting. Charms are meant to hold sentimental value for both the giver and the recipient. A lot of thought goes into them, inspired by the hobbies, likes, and tastes of the recipient. Some charms evoke memories shared by the recipient and the giver.

For example, for a guy who is an avid fan of the Marvel Universe, the charm of his favorite superhero is a fantastic idea. If his favorite hero is Thor, you could get him a custom-made hammer charm. If his favorite hero is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, you could opt for a custom-made Spider-Man mask charm. The options are endless.

Jewelry Gifts for Loved Ones

With all the choices to decide from, the bottom line is selecting a meaningful gift of high quality. Always go for quality over quantity.

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