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10 Fashion-Forward Ways to Style a Crop Top (& Outfits You’ll Love)

Looking for something to wear today? Do you need a cute get-up for a party, a dance, or other festivities? 

You might be sitting near your closet right now, thinking about what you’re going to wear to school, work, family hangouts, night outings, or whatever you want to do. You might be wondering: What can I wear, so that I can make a statement, while keeping it simple?

Well, this solution might surprise you… Have you considered crop tops?

Now, at first glance, crop tops might seem a bit outdated for your taste. If so, here’s a fun fact: People still wear crop tops. No kidding!

Believe it or not, crop tops are great for almost any occasion:

  • A hot date
  • A night out
  • Club-going
  • Concert viewing

No matter the occasion, crop tops allow you to step out of your comfort zone. 

In this article, we’ll show you a brief history of crop tops, and some of the best ways to achieve the look. Let’s dive in! 

Brief History

Crop tops are a unique and fun part of our fashion world in the 21st century, and previously haven’t been as “in” or accepted in the world of innovation and design as they are now. In fact, this fashion style didn’t see the light of day in acceptance until pop stars like Britney Spears had braved the crowds and adoring fans with crop tops during the 1990s. It was a bold statement when stars like Spears appeared to the masses at concerts and music videos sporting a crop top. As a result, many fans and fashion enthusiasts turned to crop tops as part of their wild inspirations.  

Today, crop tops have seen a resurgence in popularity with more and more celebrities, pop stars, the works sporting the fashion style. The best part? Crop tops can be styled in any number of ways and for any number of occasions. 

So, to this day, nostalgia and imagination are what keeps the trend going, even after a hiatus. Now, there’s a reason behind the hype today…

Why The Crop Top Hype?

Now, you might be saying Whoa! If crop tops aren’t anything new, why are they back in the public spotlight? The answer is simple.

Nowadays, people are sharing anything and everything on social media. Fashion trends included! So, where does that leave crop tops? Anywhere and everywhere, it seems.

From Instagram to Pinterest, and so on, crop tops have seen a rise in popularity once again. In comparison to the 90s boom that glorified the fashion trend, in today’s world, the trend is given a new life through creative ideas, renditions, and experimentations.

It’s amazing how trends like this can see a revival just years later. Why? Perhaps nostalgia can have an impact for some people, while others suspect timelessness of a trend.

As we will see shortly, we will discover some of the best versions of the crop top that many people are sporting today!

Can Anyone Achieve A Crop Top Look?

Who exactly is the crop top for? Is it for young women only? Perhaps, but what about older women – specifically 20- to 30-year-olds? Can’t they flaunt this style too?

The answer is yes!

The truth is, there’s no age limit on who can wear a crop top. In fact, many adults are being seen achieving the popular look in their own ways! That’s the fun that comes from fashion: experimentation!

People often see crop tops as chic, making them the ideal wear for many adults. Whether you opt for a spaghetti-strapped bralette, of you go for a soft tee, there is almost something for everyone who give crop tops a try.

So, you see, crop tops aren’t just a teen fashion thing. With so many styles to consider in the wardrobe, who knows what you might come up with when embracing crop tops.

So, if you’re ready to bare your midriff with confidence, then consider some of these great ways to style your crop top! You’ll be surprised to see how many of these styles weren’t thought of by you until now! 

Here are 10 fashion forward ways to style a crop top in your day-to-day life, and outfits that fit with every occasion:

1: A Casual and Chic Look

First up, casual is the way to go these days! In fact, crop tops are a fantastic casual piece of kit to wear in any chilled out, social situation. They can dress up a casual look, or they can dress down a dressy look. Whether you’re going to brunch with some friends or having a picnic in the park, a crop top is the perfect addition to your outfit. Here’s some ways you can style a casual chic crop top look:

  • Pair the crop top with some leggings and add some sneakers.
  • Style a crop top with some wedged heels and flowy dress pants for a more edgy look. Put your hair into a ponytail or bun to dress down the look. And, as an added bonus, you can use pins, burettes, etc. to dress up your hair as you dress down for the crop top.
  • Tie your crop top into a dungaree dress with some sneakers for a more casual look.
  • Whatever the outfit, accessories like dangled earrings or long necklaces can chic up a look.

Based on the examples above, you can have the best of both worlds when you incorporate crop tops in your wardrobe. In this way, you’re not sacrificing casual for chic, or vice versa.

2: Dressy Fashionista Look

Next up on the list is the “dressy fashionista.” Want to be dressy? Ever thought of yourself as a fashionista no matter where you go? Then let this trendy style of crop tops dazzle you!

Jane Dove, a fashion writer at Write My X and 1day2write, noted that, “When you think of formal wear, you often think of a boring dress shirt and formal trousers look. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to change that up with a crop top instead!” You can even do this for an office look if you dress it up right. 

  • Pair a high waisted formal skirt with a crop top and heels. Add a necklace for some extra flair. 
  • Press shuffle on your formal style by switching out your dress shirt for a crop top with your trousers and blazer combo.
  • Dress pants are also a great option for bottoms. They don’t even need to be associated with corresponding tops. Here, you can replace, say, the top part of a gray business suit with, for example, a black crop top. Then spice things up with a necklace.

As you can tell, the dressy fashionista is for almost any occasion. It’s ideal for young women especially, because who doesn’t want to dominate the college hallways and dorms? Who doesn’t want to dominate the professional world with a little bit of sass?

3: The Celebrity Look

A big fan of TV? Can’t get enough of reality TV especially? Want to be close to looking like your favourite movie stars? Why not?

Believe it or not, everyone has a celebrity fashion role model, and I guarantee you that most of us have styled a crop top with one of their looks in a classy and fashionable way. You’ll know when to be serious, and when to be lenient when creating this combination in your wardrobe. 

Here are some ways to do this: 

  • Do a black crop top and printed trousers (or vice versa) combination to style it into a classy celebrity look.
  • Try a crop top with a long flowy skirt look and some heels to make your look extra fashion-forward. Add some classy accessories to celeb-it-up!
  • Don’t forget the jewellery! All celebrities take advantage of jewellery! So, why not make it a part of your crop top wardrobe?

This type of crop top style is especially ideal for those who can’t stay away from social media. Moreover, this style is definitely post-worthy. Imagine all the likes and views that this fashion choice will garner, once you share it with the worldwide web!

4: The Colourful One

Who doesn’t love colour in their fashion wardrobe?

Yes, there are many crop tops that dawn all kinds of colours – professional, playful, and imaginative. Have a favourite colour? No problem! Need to sport a certain colour for a job or event? Look for that colour in crop tops!

Depending on the occasion, you can incorporate a colourful crop top to show off a little flair in your get-up:

  • Jeans are some of the best things to pair a colorful crop top with. This allows you to sport a casual look.
  • Graphic print crop tops are often the best on helping you express your creative and artistic side.
  • Stilettos, anyone? You can also pair colorful shoes with colorful crop tops. Just as long as the colors don’t clash with each other, you’ll create a sophisticated vibe with your wardrobe.
  • Got a colorful blazer or jacket? Go for it! Again, pay attention to the color of your crop top. Make sure that the blazer or jacket will accommodate well with the crop top.

If you’re not sure what colors will work for your look, you can always experiment with various colors. If you want to keep things professional, go for the “pro” colors like gray, black, and blue. However, if you want to create an artistic flair, then opt for brighter colors – white, red, green, and so on.

Remember: you want the colors to correspond well with each other. When blending colors, make sure that they complement each other, and not clash (This is especially the rule for graphic prints).

5: The “Off-Duty” Model Look

Want to achieve the model look, but don’t want to completely go all out? Don’t worry! All models need a break from the spotlight. The same is true for fashionistas / social media influencers.

Yes, the “off-duty” model look can be great for almost any casual occasion. Even a simple trip to the mall would be a great excuse to wear a crop top like so. Or maybe, you want to catch a film on movie night? Let your imagination run wild with this look!

  • Some people wear crop tops with slacks and boots. This gives off a chic look when walking down the street.
  • If you throw on an overcoat – or even a Matrix-like leather coat – you’ll turn the simple casual look of the “off-duty” model style into something better and more fabulous!
  • Or, a simple jacket will do! Again, you’re pulling off the “off-duty” model look.

So, when you think about it, with this style, you’ll be cat walking through your own personal fashion runway. Rain or shine, you can sport this look anywhere you go!

6: The Gym Girl Look

The “Gym Girl” look, as known as “athleisure.” It’s a common style these days, especially if you’re an active type of person. If you want to look amazing when, say, working out, or simply taking a scroll through the park, then look to athleisure!

Crop tops are a fantastic gym accessory, and is easy to exercise and keep fit in. Terrence Callaghan, a fashion blogger at Britstudent and Origin Writings, commented, “They are also fashion-forward and a great way to dress up a pair of jeggings or leggings. Give them a go outside of the natural gym arena and bring them into the fashion arena instead.”

  • Try out a suitable crop top and pair it with some jeggings and sneakers. You can even add a headband to make it more of a gym look. 
  • Try out some printed leggings of jeggings and pair it with a casual crop top and some fashionable sneakers to bring gym crop tops out of the gym and into the fashion world. 
  • Want to feel more active with this look? Add a pair of yoga pants to the party!
  • As for the shoes, the preferred pair would be some comfortable sneakers. However, some people would opt for comfortable sandals. Just keep in mind that this look is “athletic wear.” Unless you’re just lounging at home, stick with sneakers.

A basic style in the crop top world, it’s trendy in today’s women’s fashion. You might find this style a lot on social media, due to the off-and-on craze of exercising and being fit. 

7: A Desi Swag Style

Try out a festival look with a crop top. Not many people think of the modern crop top when it comes to festival fashion, but it works extremely well. Whether you pair one with some flowy trousers, a laid-back dress, or an indie style skirt; a crop top can suit any festival look you want to try out. 

  • Try a plain crop top paired with some printed or flared flowy trousers to dress down the normal crop top look and get you festival-ready. 
  • Pair your favourite crop top with a desi-style skirt and some dangly earrings to ensure a fully laid-back look. Speaking of jewelry…
  • Try adding a necklace! Jewelry can pair super well with the desi swag style. In other words, the more swag the better!

Overall, the desi swag style thrives on sophistication. From flowery prints, to casual tones, to almost Bollywood-style impressions, the desi swag style can make a great statement wherever you go.

Want more inspiration for desi swag? Check out social media! Many influencers will delight you with their creative and inspiring renditions to the crop top style! They’re worth checking out, if you want to pull it off.

8: The Studious Type

Who said that date night had to be “cool” or “hip”? Ever wanted to pull off the nerdy look? Does that special someone love it when you dress nerdy?

Consider dawning the pencil skirt and crop top look! 

Nowadays, the nerdy look is embraced by social media. In fact, you might find people wearing glasses and looking “professional” with their choices of fashion, filters, etc. The crop top can help you achieve that!

Places like Forever 21 are always carrying fashion pieces like these, because school is a part of young people’s lives. In fact, this type of crop top fashion is also shined brightly on college students. 

  • Care for a striped long skirt? No problem!
  • A solid-colored long skirt can about suffice for this crop top look.
  • The crop top doesn’t have to be fancy either. You can opt for a more casual option.

It’s a great version of the crop top trend that you can wear to either date night, study night, or BOTH!

9: Getting Lacey

Laces make for a classy material for fashionistas. When you drape the laces onto your person, you’ll feel how cool and breezy you can be during the hottest of weather.

Need a cooler type of crop top? (By cooler, we mean “able to breathe during the hot temperatures.”) Then consider a crop top that incorporates lacings.

  • The lacy crop top can be paired with jeans (skinny or bell-bottoms).
  • You can throw on a lacy cardigan with a crop top.
  • Or, if the crop top isn’t lacy, then the cardigan can do the job for you.

With that said, this style is ideal for the beach when you want to enjoy the ocean breeze, or for a cocktail party that might promise a companion that same night. 

10: The Drawstring-And-Collar Pro Style

Finally, don’t let drawstring go to waste on a good piece of clothing! 

Now, you might already have the crop top and jeans down. But what if you can make it more professional-looking? Can’t think of inspiration for this type of crop top styles? Don’t worry! 

Many celebrities like Ashley Graham have pulled off a professional air with crop tops. Here are some of the ways that these people are able to do so:

  • You can pair a crop top with a pair of black fitted skinny jeans. 
  • Drawstring-and-collar crop tops are great for fitted skinny jeans, especially since they’re looser than fitted crop tops. 

With drawstrings, you can make your adjustments when putting on the crop top. You can make the top loose on you give that seductive flair, or you can tighten the string to show off a fitted figure.

BONUS: Making Your Own Crop Top

Have you ever wanted to go even farther in your fashion prowess? Have you ever wanted to make your own crop top?

The good news is, instead of spending money on a gorgeous crop top, you can make your own! All you need is a pair of scissors, as well as some basic sewing know-how which you can find at digitizingmadeeasy.com

Suppose you have a regular t-shirt. Maybe you can turn it into a crop top. Just take some scissors and cut the shirt up to where your ribs might reach downward. Essentially, you’re cutting the shirt in half horizontally.

Now, if you’re more advanced in your sewing skills, you can add some flair to your project. Have scraps of clothing that you want to use, then use them for your handmade crop top. Basically, when designing your own crop top, the possibilities are endless – the color, the style, the material, and so on!

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the crop top will continue to make waves in the fashion world. Like many fashion trends, crop tops will be remembered by the most fanatic of fashionistas. 

As time goes on, this piece of clothing will find ways to stay relevant through the consumers and their social media.

Now, these are just a few of our favourite looks for crop tops in the modern fashion world. But the good news is, there are many more! But for now, here’s a recap of the styles that you can try today:

  • Casual and chic
  • Dressy fashionista
  • Celebrity look
  • Colourful
  • Off-duty model
  • Gym girl
  • Desi swag
  • Studious
  • Lacey
  • Drawstring and collar

Based on the styles suggested in this article, crop tops can be adjusted to fit almost any social situation, and they can be adjusted by accessories and other pieces of clothing to suit whatever style of outfit you want to add them too.

We hope that you consider these various styles when putting together your crop top wardrobe. Remember: Be creative. Have fun. And don’t be afraid to share your fashion experiences on social media!

Fashion is limitless!

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