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What to Look for When Buying Headphones

When it comes to the must-have electronic gadgets for 2022, headphones rank very high on the list. These devices have come a long way, evolving into something truly high-tech that can not only deliver, but elevate the sound quality. And with so much innovation and the popularity rising, the market has become flooded with choices that are both a good and a bad thing for consumers. It’s great to have options, but that can also be incredibly overwhelming and leave you wondering which headphones are best for you. To help make life a little easier, here’s what to look for when buying headphones.

What Style of Headphone Do You Want?

One of the best ways to quickly narrow down your options is to figure out what style of headphones you want. While there are a couple of different ones to choose from, over-ear headphones are the most popular right now. If you have tried on over-ear headphones and decided they aren’t for you, you can always consider wired or wireless earbuds instead. Keep in mind that while they will be more compact, they won’t offer many of the same features that over-ear headphones have. The sound quality in particular can suffer.

Wireless Can Offer More Mobility and Flexibility

The next thing to consider is whether you want wireless or wired headphones. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, wireless has become the norm. You aren’t hampered by a wire, which means you have full mobility and flexibility to move about. If you’re going to choose a wireless model, however, you need to be wary of battery life. Pay attention to not only the standby battery life, but the fully charged playtime – how long you can use the headphones before they need charging. Some models are also quick charging, which is another convenient feature.

Pay Close Attention to the Drivers

This particular item is very technical sounding, but it’s something you want to pay close attention to. Many experts argue that the drivers are indeed the most important spec to look at. To put it simply, the driver is what turns the electrical signal into sound. So, what driver should you pick? Watch for the diameter of the diaphragm and let that be the deciding factor. The larger the driver, the better the sound will be. Opt for a driver that is at least 40mm.

Comfort Needs to Be a Factor

Sound quality and features will be important, but let’s not forget how important comfort is too. There will be times you wear your headphones for long periods, and the last thing you want is to be constantly readjusting them because they aren’t comfortable. Bang and Olufsen is a good choice here, especially the Nordic Ice Beoplay model, as they are made of foldable aluminum, making them lightweight, and they have padded leather ear pads that cover your ears completely. Of course, the headphones can also be adjusted to fit your head, adding to the comfort level. Bang and Olufsen has been offering home tech for almost 100 years now and is well-known for its eye-catching designs. 

Are They Noise Cancelling?

When you’ve got your headphones on, and you’re immersed in your music, the last thing you want is noise interruption from the surrounding environment. This is exactly why you want headphones that have excellent noise cancelling capability. This is something over-ear headphones excel in; they are the best for noise-cancelling since they cover the entire ear.

Advanced Features to Also Watch For

There are some advanced features that you may also want to be aware of to ensure you’re getting the best sound quality and experience. For those who like to listen to their music loudly, you will want to be sure there is little to no sound distortion. It’s common for lower-end headphones to suffer from distorted sound quality as you turn up the volume. The level of distortion is displayed by something called Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and is shown as a percentage. Ideally, you want to look for a pair that has a THD of 1% or lower.

What Do They Look Like?

And finally, we’ve got the fashion side of things. Let’s face it, you want a pair of headphones that not only performs great but looks stylish too. The good news is that you’ve got no shortage of options in this category either. Choose from different materials, finishes, colors, sizes, and styles, allowing you to be as bold or as subdued with your choice as you like.

By keeping all these considerations in mind, taking the time to do some research, and not rushing into a purchase, you’ll be able to find a pair of headphones that not only matches your budget and needs but will be a sound investment over time.

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