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The Most Stylish Sneaker Brands For Men

There was a time when sneakers were only worn for sports, but in 2022, sneakers are also seen as a stylish alternative to typical footwear. Often worn throughout the 80s, sports sneakers have risen in prominence over the past few years thanks to the popularity of sports such as tennis and basketball. It’s also become increasingly more acceptable for people to wear more casual clothing styles while out of the house, including various types of sweatpants.

The driving force behind the casual adoption of sneakers can be attributed to celebrity endorsement deals. Throughout the years, numerous major celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Michael Jordan have all launched signature sneaker lines. It’s this affiliation which has made them far more stylish in the public eye. With that in mind, here are just a few of the most stylish sneaker brands for men.

Nike Stylish Sneakers

Arguably one of the most recognizable sneaker brands in the world, Nike has been a driving force in the world of sneaker fashion for some time. Sneaker lines like Air Max, Air Force and Nike SB have dominated the fashion world for years. Last year, Nike flexed their creative abilities with the release of the self-lacing Nike Air Mag sneakers. Between its classic brands, and forward-thinking Back To The Future inspired sneaker line, Nike is almost certainly one of the most stylish brands available.

Common Projects

In a fashion world that most often leans towards quirky, colorful and unique designs, it can be a breath of fresh air when a brand offers something simple. Common Grounds, a luxury New York sneaker brand, offers just that. Every inch of a Common Ground sneaker is meticulously crafted. This quality is what elevates the sneaker above so many other brands, without having to do anything especially new or refreshing. You don’t always need to recreate the wheel, when you can perfect it instead.


Sneakers are inextricably linked to sports; however, Vans specifically caters to those in more alternative fields. Initially launched as a skate sneaker, the brand has since gone on to become the sneaker of choice for those seeking an alternative look. Vans’ Sk8-Hi sneaker was everywhere during the 80s and 90s, even appearing in a number of films focused on youth culture. The sneaker brand recently announced its next major push, the Vans Eco Theory line of sneakers made using plant-based leather and recycled materials. Now you can be stylish and help save the planet.


Although technically a Nike brand, Jordan sneakers have taken on a life of their own as one of the most stylish brands on the market. Inspired by – arguably – one of the best basketball players in the world, Jordan sneakers come in all shapes and sizes. Initially launched in 1984, the brand has grown from strength to strength from then, all while channeling the original vision of Jordan’s style. 37 years later the brand is still going strong, having recently unveiled the latest spring collection of Air Jordans set to launch during 2022. These include the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Brotherhood”, Air Jordan 1 High OG “Dark Marina Blue”, and Air Jordan 4 “Infrared”.

Axel Arigato

Sat between Scandinavian and Japanese culture, Axel Arigato sneakers are minimalistic and stylish in equal amounts. Launched in Sweden during 2014, the brand shot to popularity quickly based on its unique offering. Axel Arigato sneakers are subtle, with a hint of luxury. Take its most recent Axel Arigato x Pokémon Collection for example, which channeled the colorful nature of the brand without being too garish. Looking for something stylish, but refined? This is the brand for you.

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