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Knee-high Boots
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Styling and Outfit Ideas for Knee-High Boots NZ

Ladies, are you looking forward to the fall or winter to take out your boots? There are different boots available, but knee-high boots are essential for winter because they offer additional warmth to our feet and create stylish footwear alternatives, among others. These boots are comfortable and warm, making sure you look your best. 

Good-quality knee-high boots from NZ are very adaptable and match every outfit. 

If you want to know how to wear knee-high boots, continue reading this post as it will cover knee-high boots styles, outfits, and styling tips. 

Different Styles of knee-high Boots NZ 

Knee-high boots involve a big outline making you appear lean and long by offering various cold-weather benefits over booties, ankle boots, and other boots. As they reach higher on the leg, they keep you more affable and much better at keeping snow and rain from coming into your boots. 

Classic Style boots 

Most of the NZ knee-high boots you explore today are easy and classic that comes from toe to knee. They can include straps or buckles, are generally zippered, and come in a range of colours, from your regular black and brown to green, tan, navy, and burgundy. Ideal for daily wear with leggings, jeans, skirts, and trousers. 

Riding Style Boots 

These boots reach up to the knee with a circular top edge. They possess a heel, generally 1-inch or less, which is used to stop the foot from moving out of a clamp. Normally found in brown, or black, and usually two-tone. They may include straps, buckles, and zips. Glossy and stylish, knee-high boots NZ can be worn at any moment, and they match well with leggings and jeans. 

Motorcycle Boots 

These knee-high boots are chunky overall, with a wider base, are either zipped or laced, and are mostly embellished with buckles. This boot is a casual style that is not the best fit for the office. You can pair them with leggings or jeans. 

Dressy Boots 

Dress boots come with some height, whether it is from a basic heel, stiletto, heavy heel, or wedge. They are made with suede, leather, and fabricated materials, with or without adornments. Dressy boots, regardless of their name, can be paired with anything, from leggings, jeans, and trousers to dresses and skirts. 

How to Wear Knee-high Boots with Different Outfits? 

1. Jeans make the ultimate pair with boots. Whether worn tucked in or out, they are the best with classic, riding, dressy, or motorcycle boots, based on the look you are searching for. 

2. Leggings are also the perfect partner to boots as they are consistently tight-fitting and get well into any boot style. Wear them with a prolonged scarf and tunic, pick your boots, and you are out the door for a lunch date in very little time. 

3. For work, you can match your trousers with a riding, classic, or dressy pair of boots. Try a broad-leg wool pinstripe with barbed-toe dress boots, paired with a silk blouse, or navy pants with a crusty white button-down and brown colour riding boot. 

4. Skirts are a bit complicated to wear with boots but can provide a stylish look if done right. Pencil skirts are also the ideal shape to carry with knee-high boots. Skirts that come at the mid-calf also create a pleasing knee-high boot outfit. 

5. You can also wear boots with dresses. It has to be the proper dress and boot, but look for a super stylish slim Little Black Dress and knee-high pointed boots! 

Styling Tips for Knee-high Boots 

  • Knee-high boots look stylish when they fit well. 
  • Fashion for ladies with bigger calves, boots with a wide calf or shaft are best. Thus, they help legs look lean and long. 
  • Slim calves can be hidden with elements such as straps or buckles that take away attention from the calf. 
  • For short-height women, higher heel or wedge boots are best that extend the leg. 
  • Wear a classic, dressy, or riding pair of boots when dressing up for the office. You can leave Uggs, moto boots, and different casual styles for weekends. 
  • Choose arched boots, laces, or suede for a more artistic look. 
  • The pant length should be about half to one inch off the ground, with a gash where they struck the boot. 
  • Wearing recurrent or coloured tights with your dress and skirt can add some character and consistency to an outfit. 


So, ready to take those boots out of your wardrobe and style them with different outfits? If you need more inspiration from NZ knee-high boots styles, make sure you have a look at NovoShoes.

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