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lord farquaad
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Dreamworks spooky stories the ghost of lord farquaad

Mirror Mirror on the wall, is this not the most perfect kingdom of all? If you are a fan of animation movies then you must have heard about Sherk, A 3D animated movie that was released back in the year 2003. Lord Farquaad was the main Antagonist of this film. It was a very interesting character and this character was loved by millions of people from different parts of the world. Lord Farquaad was a ruler of Duloc. He is voiced by John Lithgow. 

Without any fact Lord Farquaad played the perfect role of antagonist, he did justice to his character. If you are a fan of Farquaad’s character and want to know more about him then you are at the right place. In the article below I am going to talk about everything you need to know about him. Lord farquaad hair, appearance, character, and history. So let’s have a look. 

Lord Farquaad Personality: 

Lord Farquaad is a power-hungry ruler. All he wanted in the film is to become the true king of the kingdom Duloc. He is using all the powers to get the status of the true king. Farquaad is not even sincere with his people. He wanted Dulac to be the best kingdom but he is not concerned about his people. Lord Farquaad found Fiona beautiful but instead of marrying her because of her beauty, Lord is greedy to sit on the king’s throne. 

Lord Farquaad is obsessed with “Perfection”. He wanted to be a king but because of his short height, he has severe self-care issues. He tries to overcome his short height by being extra angry and controlling. Though he wanted Duloc to be the perfect kingdom he is never considering his height as a problem to this perfection. 

Lord Farquaad History: 

Lord Farquaad is the sole Ruler of the kingdom named “Duloc”. He spent most of his time capturing fairytale creatures in order to get all the powers and to make his kingdom one of the best in the world.

He has set various regards for the people who will tell his guard about these creatures. Lord Farquaad and his men used their powers to torture ginger beard man so he will reveal the location of hiding fairytale creatures. He is finding the mirror.

In the middle of interrogation with the gingerbread man, the captain of the guard announces that they have found the mirror. Lord chanted that if Duloc is the best kingdom of all times, the mirror said that he is not a true king but Dulac is not a kingdom. Mirror told Lord that he can become one true king if he gets married to the Princess. 

There is a Parody show that is being organized to introduce lord Furquaad with three princesses. Princess Fiona, Snow white, and cinderella. The Lord chose Princess Fiona based on her beauty. But now the real twist comes as Princess Fiona is locked in a castle that is guarded by a dragon. If Farquaad wants to marry her, he first needs to find her and then fight the dragon to save the princess. 

Lord Farquaad announces the tournament in which a Knight who will show the best fighting skills will Rescue Fiona. In the middle of this tournament, Sherk and Donkey interrupted and they demanded to remove fairytale creatures from Shrek Swamp. Different knights fight against Shrek then and he manages to Defeat them all.

Lord Realizes that Sherk is a brave man and he promises him that if he will rescue Fiona, Lord Farquaad will remove all the fairy creatures from Shrek Swamp. At the end of the movie, Shrek finally rescued Fiona and they both fell in love. 

Lord Farqaaud is also a part of Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Party. 

Lord Farquaad Appearance: 

Farquaad Appearance is a perfect depiction of an antagonist. He is short in height and he wears a red outfit with a red hat and a red cape. Lord Farquaad’s hair looks pageboy and he has a long chin. He is basically a dictator who is trying to rule a kingdom. His point is to prove that his kingdom is the best and he is the best ruler of his time. 

Farquaad Also appeared in Shrek forever after, Shrek 4D, Scared Shrekless, and Shrek the third. 

Shrek 4 D: 

Lord Farquaad
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In Shrek 4D, Lord Farquaad returns as a ghost with Thelonious to capture Fiona and kill her. Though Farquaad rejected him as an ogress, he still wants to keep her as his spirit queen and to be the king of the underworld. Farquaad sent a stone dragon to capture Shrek, the donkey, and Fiona. Dragon instead of capturing them secured all three of them and burnt lord Firquaad with his fire. 

Shrek the Third: 

In Shrek, the third Lord Farquaad appears in a flashback of captain hook. The flashback showed when was getting interrogated by Farquaad in the first movie. Lord was asking him to tell where fairytale creatures are hiding. He had a very short spam appearance in Shrek the Third but his fans loved his appearance.

Shrek forever after: 

Lord Farquaad was supposed to be a part of this movie as well. But he got dropped at a very last moment. 

Scared Shrekless. 

Scared Shrekless is a Halloween special when Shrek and his friends return to kingdom Duloc to tell people scary stories. It is shown that Duloc has turned into dark and scary places since the death of Lord Farquaad. Shrek and Fiona used Farquaad’s death story as a weapon to scare the donkey. Lord farquaad pictures can be seen everywhere. 

In Shrek video game: 

There is an animated video game for Shrek fans too. In the video game, there is no character of Lord Farquaad but you can see his pictures at some points. 

Some Other interesting facts about Lord Farquaad: 

lord farquaad
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Here are some other interesting facts related to lord farquaad. Let’s have a quick look at all of them. 

Real name: Maximus “Bogovski” Ferdo Farquaad. He was Also known as Lord Farquaad, Farquaad, short king, short lard, and red King. 

Nationality: Orinion

Date of Birth: 28th of January, 1451

Age :569 years. 

Birthplace: Orinion

Physical Appearance of Lord Farquaad: 

Eye colour : Blue (green in some scenes)

Hair colour : Black

Height : approximately 4’6 (137cm) that’s why he was also known as Short king. 

Weight : 43kg (95 lbs)

There is an animated video game for Shrek fans too. In the video game, there is no character of Lord Farquaad but you can see his pictures at some points. 

Lord Farquaad Custom Enamel Pins

Lord Farquaad Custom Enamel Pins
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Here are all the interesting details about Lord Farquaad and his character. He is power-hungry and he is obsessed with the perfection of his kingdom. The character is super interesting and once you start watching it, you love each and every dialogue and the way it is delivered.

Which is your favorite character from the Shrek Movie? And why? Share your thoughts about the movie with us in the comment section below. 

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