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Shopping for Clothes
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How to Shop Online for Correct Sizes without Wasting Time on Returns

Online shopping might be super convenient and quick, but it does come with a major drawback – the issue of inaccurate sizing. Anybody who buys clothes or shoes online has ended up with a size too big or too small at least once. And thus begins the painstakingly slow and tiresome returns process that makes you wish you had never shopped online at all.

Luckily for you, there’s a way to shop online and not end up with baggy or too-tight items. Here is how to buy clothes online that fit perfectly!

Get Accurate Measurements, and Update Them

The first and most important thing to do when buying clothes or shoes online is to get accurate measurements. You need to have a well-defined understanding of what measurements you fit that go beyond a size ‘large’ or ‘8’. These generic measurements differ from brand to brand and vary even between different articles of clothing and shoes within the same brand.

Therefore, the best way to find clothes and shoes that fit well is by whipping out a measuring tape and requesting a friend or family member to take accurate measurements for you. During this process, try to stand still and naturally to ensure that they get the right measures. Also, remember that your body is ever-changing, so you should make it a habit to update your measurements at least once a year.

Check the Sizing Charts

Now that you have your measurements, the next step is quite simple. You need to go over the sizing charts that are available on each clothing article or shoe’s page and ensure that you pick out a size that is closest to your measurements. It is important to remember that you won’t always find your exact measurements. So just choose the size that is the closest to your measurements, and you’ll be good to go!

Compare With Your Best-Fitting Clothes

One of the best ways to buy well-fitting boutique tops online is by using your favorite clothes as a benchmark. Although getting accurate measurements is an important first step, it can only take you so far. After all, the sizing chart can only help you find the closest match to your body measurements. So, a better way to go about it is by taking your measurements and also measuring some of your best-fitting clothes.

This way, you have two solid benchmarks to compare the online size charts to and find the best fit possible when shopping online.

P.S. A good sizing tip to remember is to go a size up whenever you’re in doubt. Usually, the sizing charts aren’t followed accurately, and the item you pick out is more likely to be on the smaller side.

Consider Size Variations

When you’re trying to figure out how to buy clothes that fit well, one of the most important things to consider is the lack of universal sizing. Every single brand and clothing boutique has its own size measurements. So a size S dress from one boutique might fit you perfectly, but it could be too small if you buy the same size from a different online store.

There is no such thing as universal sizing, so the best way to ensure you buy clothes that fit you perfectly is by sticking to the brands you know. Remember, it isn’t just the measurements that determine how an article of clothing fits your body. The material used, the way the item is stitched, and numerous other factors also have a hand to play in how good you look wearing a particular outfit.

So, if you have a pair of jeans that hug your curves perfectly, it is best to continue buying jeans from the same brand. You can also use different sizing tools online to find other brands with similar sizing and stitching styles.

Read the Reviews

Most people know the importance of going over the reviews before they buy boutique dresses online. However, very few people actually take out the time to carefully read through the reviews and understand what people are saying about the different products. 

The key to buying clothes that fit is to go through the reviews and see what people are saying about the sizing of the clothes. You can even filter out the reviews to highlight the ones that discuss the article’s size. Pay attention to any reviews that talk about the clothes running a size too big or small. You can also search for the term ‘true to size’ to determine whether the clothes are tailored to match the sizing chart.

Be sure to look at the customer’s pictures too. Going over pictures of people with a body shape similar to yours will give you a visual representation of what the clothes will look like on you. It is the best way to shop online for clothes that not only look good but also fit you in a flattering way.

All the best in buying clothes that fit well!

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