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Drug Detox 101: What Are the Withdrawal Symptoms?
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Drug Detox 101: What Are the Withdrawal Symptoms?

One of our primary responsibilities as humans is to care for our bodies and keep them as healthy as possible. A healthy body makes a sound mind, which, in turn, processes clear thoughts.  When one gets addicted to a drug, one tends to overuse it. This regular use of drugs has adverse side effects on the user’s health.

The first step towards overcoming your addiction is detoxing. A drug detox relieves the body of all sorts of drugs and harmful chemicals. Only after can you start your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

When used regularly, one’s body gets used to the effect of the drugs. The user, therefore, feels they cannot do without it. When you gradually reduce the number of drugs in your system, your body starts to experience withdrawal. 

What Is a Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal refers to the process where the body experiences unpleasant symptoms because of a lack of the drug in the system. Because you had become dependent on the drug, your body accepted it as part of everyday functioning. When suddenly cut off, the body reacts by showing the following symptoms.

  • pounding headaches 
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • fever, anxiety,
  • poor sleep quality,
  • Fear,
  • quick temper
  • deep craving for drugs.
  • Hallucinating
  • Brain seizures

Although it might last longer in some cases, the withdrawal will typically last around 48 hours after you stop taking the drug. The longer you stay without drugs, the more intense the withdrawals can get. They, however, are temporary, and you are encouraged to weather the passing storm as many people get stuck at this stage of their rehabilitation.

Assisted Withdrawal at Detox Near Me

Many people need professional help when dealing with drug addiction. This is because of the mental and physical toll that drug withdrawal can sometimes have on an individual. On starting the detox, most people get overwhelmed at the initial stages of withdrawal and end up taking more drugs to provide relief. This keeps them in an endless loop that results in shame and low self-esteem among many other side effects.

A drug withdrawal can quickly turn into a visit to the emergency room when done wrong. It is, therefore, essential to do it under the care and supervision of a professional. At a drug detox near me, you can find a detox listing that is convenient enough for you where you will get a medically assisted detox schedule. 

In conclusion

Drug addiction is a serious challenge for anyone who falls into its trap. Coming out of an addiction can only make one stronger and wiser than before. It makes it a worthwhile life lesson that you will carry through the rest of your years.

Anybody who has succeeded at beating addiction will tell you that you only get better after. At detox near me, you can search for a professional drug center from the comfort of your computer or internet-enabled device. This convenience has ended the treacherous years of long and frustrating searches for detox centers. 

Once you find the best drug center, you can begin your journey to a stronger, better, and wiser version of yourself. Drug detox is the first step towards getting your life back together; check out detox near me and take that first step.

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