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How To Choose The Right Fixed Broadheads For Your Bows
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How To Choose The Right Fixed Broadheads For Your Bows

As a hunter, having the right gear is essential to having a successful hunt. One of the most critical pieces of equipment is your choice of broadheads for your bow.

Fixed broadheads are a favorite among many hunters, but choosing the right one can be challenging. This post will explore why selecting the right fixed broadhead is crucial for bow-hunting success.


A well-fixed broadhead has strong, sharp blades that won’t break or bend easily. This helps your arrow fly accurately and penetrate your target with more force. A broadhead that flies straight adds accuracy and will make your shot count.


The right fixed broadhead will add accuracy and penetrate the targeted animal. The number of blades, blade shape, and length of the blade can all impact the penetration power of the broadhead. Getting a broadhead with good penetration can enhance your chances of dropping down the animal as quickly as possible.


Fixed broadheads are much easier to use compared to mechanical broadheads. They don’t have moving parts that can fail or malfunction, which can cause you to miss your shot. Hence, investing in fixed broadheads allows the hunter to have a relatively simple-to-use broadhead without going through a complex setup.


Fixed broadheads are incredibly durable. With their solid construction, these broadheads don’t have any parts that can bend or break easily. This makes them one of the best choices for hunting trips because you won’t need to replace them after every hunt constantly. This durability means you won’t have to keep changing the broadheads all the time, saving you some cash in the long run.


A well-fixed broadhead will have a large cutting diameter that can expand inside your target, increasing the wound delivered to the animal. A larger diameter will cause the animal to bleed out more quickly and minimizes animal movement.


When selecting a fixed broadhead for your bow, you must ensure it is compatible with your setup. The shape of the broadhead must match the type of bow you have. For instance, if you have a low-poundage recurve bow, you won’t want to use a broadhead designed for a high-pound compound bow.

Better Hunting Experience

All the above-described benefits collectively culminate in a better hunting experience. The hunter can approach the hunting as a whole day experience, and a simple gear problem like the broadhead doesn’t end the day. With better accuracy, penetration, durability, effectiveness, and compatibility, the hunter can relax and enjoy the hunting scenario.


Choosing the right fixed broadhead for your bow is crucial to having a successful hunt. The broadhead’s accuracy, penetration, simplicity, durability, and effectiveness are all essential factors to consider when purchasing. And compatibility can not be overlooked either.

Ensure your selected broadhead is compatible with your bow setup to achieve the best results. Investing the time and resources to find the most suitable fixed broadheads for your bow can enhance the hunting experience and make it more memorable.

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