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What Are Duck Nails? How To Get Them Right
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What Are Duck Nails? How To Get Them Right

Duck nails, also known as flare nails or ducker nails, are a unique nail art trend that has recently made a major comeback on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. As the name suggests, duck nails feature broader, flared tips that resemble the bill of a duck, unlike other popular nail shapes like a coffin or almond that taper to a point. 

While some may see duck nails as a nail fail or a manicure gone wrong at first glance, they are an intentional style that has amassed a huge following, with #ducknails hashtag garnering over 35 million views and counting on TikTok alone. After fading into obscurity in the 80s and 90s, duck nails seem to be making a triumphant return and are poised to become one of the biggest nail trends of 2023.

The Origins and History of Duck Nails

The Origins and History of Duck Nails
Image Source: Google.com

The distinctive duck nail shape first emerged in the 1970s and 80s when bold, long nails were in vogue. Nail artist Lynn Delgardo is often credited for pioneering the look by asking her clients if they wanted “duck nails” to describe the flared shape. The style was popularized by high-profile celebrities like Dolly Parton and remained on-trend until the 1990s when minimalist, natural-looking nails came into fashion. 

Duck nails were considered an outrageous, over-the-top look associated with punk rockers, drag queens, and fashion-forward divas. But in the era of minimalism, they were seen as tacky and faded into obscurity as understated nails became the status quo in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The duck nail silhouette lay dormant for decades before undergoing a surprise revival in 2022, proliferating on social media and inspiring a new generation of nail art enthusiasts. Much like bell bottoms, mom jeans, and platform shoes, duck nails are yet another retro nail trend from the 70s/80s to experience a full-fledged comeback, proving that nail styles are just as susceptible to the cyclical nature of fashion as is clothing.

Why Are Duck Nails Having a Viral Moment Right Now?

After biding its time out of the spotlight, the duck nail shape has found renewed popularity for several reasons:

Why Are Duck Nails Having a Viral Moment Right Now?
Image Source: Google.com
  • Nostalgia for Y2K fashion – The late 90s and early 2000s are a major source of inspiration right now when it comes to beauty and style. Duck nails fit right into the mood for all things Y2K.
  • The rise of the “glazed donut” manicure – The chrome powdered glazed donut manicure is one of the biggest nail art crazes at the moment. The flare tip of duck nails shows off the mirrored finish beautifully. 
  • Statement nails are back – Minimalism finally falls out of favor after nearly two decades of dominance. Bold, expressive nails like duck nails match the shift towards maximalist fashion.
  • Nail art creativity on TikTok – Nail artists are pushing the envelope with out-there nail shapes like duck nails and sharing them on TikTok, sparking trends.
  • Defiantly retro flair – In a sea of modern nail trends, duck nails are a way to add some quirky, anti-conformist edge. The defiantly retro style appeals to nail artists looking to shake things up.

How to Get The Duck Nail Look

Want to try out the duck nail trend for yourself? Here are some tips for getting the look:

How to Get The Duck Nail Look
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  • Let your natural nails grow out a bit so you have length to work with. Shape the tips using a nail file, fanning them out slightly wider than the base.
  • For acrylic or gel duck nails, ask your nail tech to extend and shape the tips into a broad point.


  • Duck nails look best in medium to long lengths. Keep them long enough to achieve that dramatic flare.


  • Embrace bright, eye-catching colors and designs. Duck nails are the perfect canvas to show off intricate nail art. 
  • Chrome powder, glitter, and rhinestones complement the style. Go for an icy or metallic glazed donut manicure. 
  • Try negative space designs to draw more attention to the duck-billed tips.
  • Sheer nudes also allow the shape to shine.


  • The widened tips can be prone to breaking, so use a nourishing cuticle oil daily to enhance flexibility.
  • File gently if shaping needs to be touched up, avoiding excessive stress on the nails.
  • Watch for snagging and be mindful of your hand movements.

Key Duck Nail Styling Tips

  • Don’t file the tips to be overly sharp or pointed. A smooth, rounded finish is best.
  • If your natural nails are on the shorter side, consider extensions for a more dramatic effect.
  • Oval and almond-shaped duck nails tend to look better than square or squoval variations.
  • For added reinforcement, have tips overlapped slightly with a layer of builder gel or acrylic.

Duck nails may seem like an unconventional choice, but don’t underestimate their staying power. Fashion always repeats itself, and the nostalgic duck nail style offers the perfect balance of retro appeal and modern edge when done correctly. Let your inner nail artist run wild with this comeback shaping trend!

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