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Top Questions Which Comes To Our Mind Before Hiring An Air Ambulance
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Top Questions Which Comes To Our Mind Before Hiring An Air Ambulance


Air ambulances flying ICUs are often used to transfer patients across borders or even domestically. These ambulances are accompanied by a specific setup that is capable of transferring multiple critical patients within a limited time scope. These types of services have, in the past, proven their life-saving records. 

Such services can save the lives of different people who have been victims of physical traumas and accidents, and that’s not all – even repatriating patients or patients from international medical trips are also transferred back to their homes, using similar services. But before you can hire such a service, there might be certain questions that you would want to ask!

So stay tuned and keep scrolling to find out all the top questions to ask before you can hire an air ambulance. 

Top Questions Which Comes To Our Mind Before Hiring An Air Ambulance

Air ambulance renting is something that we are not used to too frequently, but that does not mean it’s not a real possibility. So if you think it’s a real possibility, then you must consider renting an air ambulance – but in that case, you definitely have certain questions. You will be surprised to know that these questions are quite common. 

And the best part? We have all the answers you have been looking for – so without wasting any time, scroll down and find out all the top questions to ask before you can hire an air ambulance. 

1. Why Do Patients Need An Ambulance Service?

Air ambulances are the most preferred when a patient needs to be emergency transferred, provided the patient needs quick and urgent medical aid. Of course, such services are considered to be useful in situations of organ transfers since the procedure is time-saving – and time is of the essence in such medical situations. 

At the same time, patients also use these services if they are seeking any kind of tertiary care treatment from advanced countries. Additionally, such ambulances are also used for transferring patients for long-term medical care. 

2. What Are The Factors That Determine Ambulance Costs?

The cost of an air ambulance depends on several factors that are variable inclusive of the patient’s condition, war zone area, aircraft type, airport permits, aviation approvals, ground clearances, landing permits, fuel expense, aircraft leasing cost, air clearances, flying sector, etc. These factors together determine ambulance costs. 

Of course, all these factors are indirectly or directly associated with the entire cost fluctuations – and this cost depends on regular calculation. For instance, on average, the costs of renting air ambulances in a country like India range between five to thirty-five lakhs – it depends on several factors, and the rates can vary accordingly. 

3. What Is The Hiring Process For Ambulances?

You can easily contact a good air ambulance organization and then provide all the required details mentioned in the form that highlights the medical summary of the concerned patient, the flying schedule, and the concerned sector for repatriation. 

Once you submit all the above-mentioned details, you will receive a quotation from the company. Upon receiving the quotation, your chosen provider will start the process. Of course, you will have to make payments as deemed fit by your chosen air ambulance company. 

4. Who Should Avoid Traveling By Air Ambulance?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions that anyone should ask before hiring an air ambulance company. There is technically no restriction on patients for traveling by air, but of course, there are certain medical protocols that the concerned patient has to take note of for a smooth journey.

Wrapping Up:

And that’s a wrap on the top questions to ask while hiring an air ambulance. Now that you have a fair idea of what to ask before hiring an air ambulance, what are your next thoughts? If you think someone close to you might need an air ambulance, then we would recommend medical consultation with a professional before hiring an ambulance. 

Moreover, before you have all the information, it is best that you keep an open mind and make your decisions once you have all the details. What are your thoughts on hiring an air ambulance? Share your thoughts with us – and if you do have prior experiences related to the same, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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