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Tips for a Successful Abdominoplasty
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Tips for a Successful Abdominoplasty: How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

A surgical procedure of tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a  cosmetic treatment that targets the abdomen’s excess fat and skin and makes the muscles firmer in the abdominal wall. Consequently, you get a flat, toned tummy with less visible stretch marks. Sometimes, the treatment also includes the use of liposuction in other regions. The procedure typically takes three hours and requires a patient to take general anesthesia. If you have loose skin or fat around your abdomen due to multiple pregnancies or sudden weight loss, you can be a candidate for this cosmetic surgery. The effects of this procedure can be permanent if your body maintains its weight. That’s why doctors ask patients to lose weight and then opt for this surgery. 

Abdominoplasty Preparation 

This surgery can be partial or complete. Depending on the nature, the treatment will vary. Complete abdominoplasty procedures involve incision from one hipbone to another while contouring muscle, tissue, and skin. The surgeon can also move your belly button. The other surgery usually targets the localized fat deposits under the navel. Hence, this will be a short surgery and wouldn’t require moving the belly button.

What to expect during tummy tuck surgery?

In this operation, surgeons cut the abdomen to eliminate fat and skin from the region between pubic hair and the navel. The incision can be elliptical. The doctor will tighten the connective tissue on the abdominal area with stitches. The length and shape of the surgical cut will depend on the need for skin and fat removal. After the operation, you can notice scars in the bikini line around the natural crease. The doctor will fix the skin around the navel. You will learn more about it when consulting your surgeon. 

What to expect after abdominal surgery?

Swelling and pain can appear post-surgery. You will get prescription medications. In some cases, patients experience soreness for a few weeks. At the same time, one can expect tiredness, bruising, and numbness in the area. Scars will fade with time but not permanently. You can apply recommended ointments and creams for quicker healing. During recovery, you may have to stay away from strenuous activities for some time. Also, immediate results will be fewer. You can enjoy the outcomes if you patiently wait and follow your doctor’s instructions patiently.

A Few Points to Consider

No matter how safe the procedure is, a few patients can face risks like infection, bleeding, etc. Some cases can also develop a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), leading to blood clotting in a deep vein or nerves in the lower body, such as the thigh, leg, and pelvis.Expert and experienced cosmetic surgeons take proper precautions to minimize risks, which can be familiar with other surgical procedures. Hence, consider this treatment to look fitter and best with a perfectly toned abdomen. The loose skin and excess fat from your tummy will go away, lifting your figure. You can wear your young and body-hugging clothes once again. However, please be patient with the results of your surgery. You can heal better if you follow a healthy routine per your doctor’s instructions. Once the recuperation phase is over, you can resume your life.

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