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Tighten the Security at Your Warehouse with Modern Technologies
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Tighten the Security at Your Warehouse with Modern Technologies

If you analyze security at retail stores vs. warehouses, you will realize that the latter usually uses less workforce and security systems. It allows thieves to target the facility. Statistics show that such incidents cause the warehouse industry to lose almost USD $10 billion annually. It’s a widespread problem in the US. Investing in warehousing security systems will drastically reduce the risk of thefts and intrusions. The workplace will feel safer, and there will be a positive impact on profitability. To benefit from it, one must take a holistic protection approach addressing all liabilities, such as accidents, thefts, and more. A well-established security system consists of various components. Let’s explore them.

Intrusion detection

Such systems allow you to alert authorities and local law enforcement bodies whenever a break-in happens. Due to faster response, authorities can catch hold of the culprits in most cases. 

Video surveillance

Nowadays, you get video equipment and closed-circuit TVs that can record and stream live feeds of any incident – property damage, theft, or accident. It becomes easy to identify the affected area and analyze its situation for better handling.

Access control

These systems let you closely watch people’s movement in your facility. With a high-end access control tool, you can approve or restrict access to different areas. Since you can grant or repeal access anytime, it becomes easy to manage credentials. If you suspect a wrong entry, you can immediately block passage for the concerned person. 

Cabling and networking

The complete safety and security infrastructure relies on the solid backing of cabling solutions, wireless technologies, Wi-Fi, and networking systems to keep everything running for constant monitoring.


No matter warehouse or other facility, communication is essential to any place to maintain its daily operations. Staff, authorities, and visitors depend on an intercom and PA system for warehouses to exchange messages. Because the warehouse happens to be a busy area with lots of movement of personnel, selecting the proper paging system can be a huge responsibility. After all, you want to simplify communication between your employees. With the right equipment, you can witness an increase in productivity at an affordable price. You usually get two types of warehouse paging systems: wireless and wired.

  1. Wired PA System

As the name suggests, this equipment involves wires connecting amplifiers and speakers. Amp can connect to your phone’s analog port. You can buy a VoIP adapter if the phone system leverages IP technology. With an IP system, you must use the adapter for signal conversion and an amplifier to operate speakers. However, some SIP speakers can enjoy direct connectivity with SIP-enabled IP phones. 

  1. Wireless PA System

Another option is a wireless PA system. This simple process allows for easy mobility. The PA system works on two-way radio signals for transmissions. You can buy a new handheld radio or use the existing two-way radios for help. Even intercoms with base stations can also come in handy. It’s a perfect setup for message broadcasts. However, for two-way communication, you must install base station radios in several parts of the buildings for your workers’ easy accessibility. You can allocate the wireless PA and intercoms a communication channel for more targeted regular communication.  

Hardware experts say two loudspeakers and one wireless public address receiver can cover a wide area. One speaker can deliver quality sound in up to 7500 feet of space. In some cases, coverage can be broader depending on the noise in the background. Look for speakers with long cables. Some people worry that they may be unable to use the wireless systems because they already have wired PA. Please don’t get disheartened. Products like PA Bridge are the solution. This tool can connect wired and wireless PA systems for a better experience.

A Few Considerations Before Installing a PA System in a Warehouse

You need a solid paging system for your warehouse for higher productivity and efficiency. Even within a noisy environment, the proper selection can allow you to send mass alerts to your workers or communicate with a single worker through an intercom in their current location. If you install wireless systems, you eliminate the worries associated with the risk of cable damage. Nonetheless, one must note that even wireless systems may require some wiring. It will be only a little extensive, though. 

When exploring options, you must account for the warehouse’s area because it will help you determine the number of speakers and horns you can install for a broader broadcast. During calculation, your focus should be on cubic footage as it concerns sound waves. Also, ceiling height can impact the horns’ choice and their location. Make sure you know the noise level of your warehouse in decibels. 

Another critical decision around warehouse paging systems may revolve around one-way or two-way communication modes. A one-way paging system suits smaller facilities or factories where you want to announce general information, ask a worker to come to the office or notify a member to check the pickup or delivery vehicle. You can also rely on it to send out emergency or evacuation alerts. However, talk-back systems are more efficient and necessary for sizable facilities, letting receivers talk to the announcer through paging speakers or other devices. It makes real-time communication with staff convenient. Whether you want an update on inventory or something else, your job will be effortless.

The next vital step is the choice of speakers and horns. Horns are primarily valuable for larger and more noisy settings. Apart from them, you also come across ceiling speakers and wall baffles. Ceiling speakers sit in the ceilings as high as 20 feet or so. The distance between each speaker should be at least 20 feet. Smaller storage and warehouse facilities can benefit from them. Wall baffles suit tinier to medium facilities where ceilings are more than 20 feet high. With speakers, you also need amplifiers. In professional settings, 70-volt amps can be suitable. These can help play voice, music, and other audio content.In truth, it’s an entire process to make your warehouse safe and secure. When you work on this aspect, give your full-time and mind space. Consult professionals if you want.

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