The Red T Shirt Compose a Huge Part of Fashion Market

Red t shirt

Here is all information about the red t-shirt in the fashion world. That t-shirt is in Trend T-shirt in hands near Upper body shape and gives you a handsome and hot look

People like to Wear Red T-shirt

Young boys and girl who want to look attractive they prefer to wear t-shirt even they are in teenage men are like to wear it too, the men 20 to 40 years old mostly wear a T-shirt for looking stylish handsome and younger, the t-shirt is not just for common days it can use as a gym wear sportswear casual wear college wear University and party wear

Print Pattern and Designs of Red T-shirt

The T-shirt has its own logo of the company or different type of pattern print or designs on a T-shirt which get people’s attention, the texture of the T-shirt is not much from each other and its features are similar like that sleeves is either full or half and the neck has either a V-shaped or a crew shape, there are different sizes of T-shirt because people of all ages like to wear T-shirt an interesting aspect of T-shirt is that it looks attractive even its belong any brand,

There are Two Neck Condition is Mostly Available in Red T-Shirt

In a modern shirt, there are two types of the neck that is crew neck and V-shaped neck in most situation you should wear a crew neck t-shirt to look your upper body slim and smart but if you want to show off your chest then you should try a v-shaped neck t-shirt to look like a bodybuilder if you want to cover your chest lines or chest hairs you should use crew neck for cover your chest muscles,

Some T-Shirt Colors That Can Make Your Personality Attractive

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By the way, every colour of the t-shirt is made in the world but these four main colour t-shirts express your personality more standard mature responsible attractive and mild mood. These colours are Black White Grey and Dark blue,

In a Black t-shirt with jeans your personality looks attractive stylish and slimmer too, people who are a little healthier look thinner by wearing a black T-shirt, in a black t-shirt your body texture disappears thus you look slim, this color suits any skin tone except brown and black, you can use the black t-shirt as a party wear college university and casual wear, black t-shirt with open coat looks hottest,

The White is called a peaceful colour “White” t-shirt give you a free feeling and its shows your personality a sober mature stylish & comfortable look, it gives you loving unity and luxurious feeling, White shirt not only highlights your body shape but also enhances it, so if you want to highlight your body texture and want a sober look then white t-shirt is good for you and this colour suits on all skin tone,

Make Your Personality Attractive

“Grey” is a non-colour grey t-shirt that expresses your personality in a mild mood and adulthood mature stylish and sober too, grey t-shirt suits on all skin tone except brown and black, because light colours suits on brown and black skin tone, “Dark blue” is a fun colour it shows your personality a happy mood stylish enjoying attractive and chills out it evokes a pleasant feeling of freshness and looks romantic thus attracting people’s attention, dark blue shirt suits on every skin tone except brown and black skin,

The people who have (Very fair, Fair, Medium, and Olive) skin tone can wear a dark blue t-shirt to look fresh It doesn’t suit brown or black skin tone, The dark blue shirt can use as party wear and in college university casual and for fun wear its little bit highlights your body muscles,

T-Shirt Buying Tips for You

If you are going to buy a t-shirt then you should remember some information about t-shirt size and quality selection,

T-shirt length should be (4 or 5) inches down to your backline and cause of this stretchiness it should b fit according to your upper body fitness, if you want half sleeves then the length of the sleeves should be (one third) And it’s armhole stretches should be adjustable as many as you want,

Choose Your Best T-Shirt Fabrics That You Need

If you have fabrics knowledge then you can easily buy the best t-shirt, the fabric should be able to wear according to weather.

For example, if you want to wear it in ‘summer’ you should buy a low GSM t-shirt otherwise a high GSM t-shirt, Cotton Nylon Polyester Bamboo Spandex these are the best fabrics for your skin protection cloths and you should keep knowledge about GSM too, GSM is the thickness of clothes you should use high GSM t-shirt in winter and low GSM fabric in Summer and normal GSM fabric in normal weather,

T-Shirts Fabrics and Its Basic Properties

  • Cotton
    • good absorbent
    • machine washable
    • soft on skin
    • UV-repellent
    • lightweight
  • Nylon
    • sweat-wicking
    • dries fast
    • smooth
    • breathable
    • tension retaining
    • structured
    • Flexible
  • Bamboo
    • super soft
    • non-allergenic
    • UV-repellent
    • high weight
    • breathable
    • Sweat-wicking
  • Polyester
    • Affordable
    • wrinkle-resistant
    • UV-repellent
    • thermally insulating
    • sweat-wicking

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