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red cedar message board
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Let’s Know About Red Cedar Message Board 2023

Red cedar message board: Red cedar is a western tree with reddish-brown bark. It is very famous due to its leaves, berries, and wood which are also used for making medicines. These parts are majorly used for treating joint pain, bronchitis, cough, etc.

The wood of red cedar is strong and famous. You can use it to make message boards. Its wood is considered best for making message boards that are visible to a lot of people. The purpose of message boards is to communicate something specific at a particular place.

Where and Why To Use Message Boards? | Red Cedar Message Board

You can install a red cedar message board at a workplace or in your house. For example, if you want to make an announcement in the office and want everybody in the office to know about it, you can write it on the message board.

You must keep the message board at a place where it could be visible to everyone. You can also hang a message board in a school, college, or university where you can write something important or a daily quote that could motivate the students and empower them.

You can hang a message board at the door of your shop. This message board may say whether the shop is open or closed. You can write a life quote on a message board and place it in your house from where it is visible to everyone.

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, you can use a message board in your videos or pictures. For example, if you are making a cooking video or posting a blog about the recipe of a specific dish, you can place the message board near the dish, write the name of the dish on the message board and click the picture.

Hexagonal Message Board

You can design the message board according to your needs and requirements. You can also get a customized message board. The hexagonal message board is one of the attractive and useful message boards. The center of this message board is of black color and the preferred color for the text in it is white.

You can hire a professional to make a customized hexagonal message board for you. If you know how to make one, you can make it yourself if you have all the required tools along with red cedarwood. You can place this message board in your house or office.

Double-Sided Hexagonal Message Board

A red cedar message board in double-sided hexagonal style is also famous. As we know, today message boards are just considered as a piece of decorative items. They serve as adding value to your workplace or house. Today, they are not being used for their actual purpose in some places.

A double-sided hexagonal message board has been designed efficiently. You can buy this message board if the only one-color option is not enough for you. It is mostly available in black and pink color. You can also get a customized one according to your color selection for your message board.

Round Message Box

A rounded-shaped red cedar message board is also very famous in this modern era. You can hang it in your bedroom, living room, office, hallway, etc. You should hang it at a place from where it becomes visible to everyone. It is mainly used to write something inspiring.

You can also place this message board on your desk if you want. The most common color for such a message box is black for the base, white for the letters, and any light color for its frame. The use of red cedar wood makes it durable.

Green and Gold Magnetic Message Board

Red cedar message boards are also available in green and gold magnetic style and design. You do not need a nail to hang on your wall. You can hang it on your fridge also. This message board has a magnetic feature that enables you to place the magnetic letters on it.

This message board involves the usage of red cedar and the creativity of the carpenter or its maker. It is available in green and gold color. You can also buy it in different colors. It is one of the best message boards that can be used for adding value to your house and serving as a decorative item.

How To Install Message Board on Wall?

red cedar message board
Image Source Unsplash.com

The installation process of a red cedar message board is not a difficult task to perform. All you need is little information on how to install it and the necessary tools. You do not need to hire a professional to perform this task.

First, you need to buy a message board of your own choice. You can also make one for yourself if you know how to do it. Next, you need a nail and a hammer if you want to hang the message board on the wall.

You should install the nail in the wall using the hammer. This nail should be installed on a wall that is visible to everyone and eye-catching to the people who enter your house. Take care of your hand while installing the nail.

At last, you need to hang the message board on the wall. For this purpose, there must be a thread attached to the message board. You can use a drill machine to make holes in the upper left corner and upper right corner. Run the thread between both the holes and tie a knot. Finally, hang the message board on the wall with the help of thread and nail.

Some Common Sayings

Here are some common sayings that you can write on a message board:

  • Love is the new black
  • You can’t make everybody happy, you’re not pizza
  • Life happens, coffee helps
  • Be scared and do it anyway
  • You got this
  • Work, Save, Travel, Repeat.


You can get information about the red cedar message board through this guide. It provides you with information about the different styles in which the message board is available. It also helps you to know how to install a message board on the wall. You can also install it on your desk by using a stand.

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