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How To Accessorize: Learn How To Complement Your Outfit With Luxurious Accessories
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How To Accessorize: Learn How To Complement Your Outfit With Luxurious Accessories

If you’re a man who would like to learn more about fashion or simply would like to dress better, you’ve come to the right place. Accessorizing is as important as picking the right clothes for the right occasion. Accessories can make you look trustworthy and wealthy, but over-accessorizing or choosing the wrong accessories can have the complete opposite effect. Learn how to accessorize your outfit the right way in this article. 

Wear the Right Watch

Having one or more watches to choose from, is certainly a great start. Adding some watches to your wardrobe can really help you elevate your outfit. However, it is important to pick the right watch for the right occasion. For example, these luxorious seiko watches come in all sorts of colors and with different decorations. But throwing a gold watch on with just any outfit is not a great idea. Instead, try to pick a watch that fits with the colors of your outfit, or pick an outfit that fits with your jewelry. 

Gold Watches 

Gold watches come in all sorts of shades of gold. White gold is a very light shade that looks more like silver, and yellow gold is a more prominent color that can easily overshadow your outfit if not worn the right way. In addition, there is also rose gold: a shade that has a slightly pink or bronze hue.

White gold should be treated as silver when pairing it with outfits. Silver goes well with all kinds of blue, including navy, powder blue, and royal blue. Silver also goes great with gray, black, and other shades that contain blue. Yellow gold stands out more, and the trick is to not let the watch overshadow your outfit, but also not let it blend in too much. Therefore, yellow gold watches are best paired with forest green, red, brown, or any other color containing red tones. 

To emphasize the pinkish color shade in rose gold watches, pair them with silver accessories, such as silver rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Silver doesn’t overshadow the rose gold, but instead creates a great blend and emphasizes the special bronze hue of rose gold. Rose gold goes well with light and cool shades, such as white and light gray, and with warm shades of brown that contain lots of red, or light green, taupe, and beige. 

Gold Watch
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Nowadays, some women also developed a unique style of fashion like wearing loose shirts, baggy pants, or a hat. Those kinds of styles can be matched with something specific and unique like some women have gauge earrings or a nose ring as an addition to their aesthetic or style.

Pick Accessories According to the Occasion

The most important thing to keep in mind while accessorizing is to pick your accessories according to the occasion. If you work at an office, it’s most likely that you wear a business or smart casual outfit. Your accessories should therefore show class and elegance. Pick silver and make sure that your watch does not have any excessive decoration, such as big stones. A leather strap is elegant and can be paired with any smart casual outfit. Pair your watches with a silver ring or bracelet, but don’t overdo it. Keep your accessories from standing out to avoid it looking like a scream for attention.

Weddings and black tie events are formal events, and therefore a more luxurious watch is a good pick. Gold watches can be worn, but make sure that the shade of gold fits with your outfit. If you’re the groom or close to the groom, have the watch engraved to make it an extra special gift or accessory. Keep the size of your watch between 18 and 20 millimeters for these kinds of special events. If you’re wearing a suit, your watch will probably be hidden under your sleeve. Wearing a slim watch is the way to go because it looks less bulky under your jacket.

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