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Bathroom Renovation: 7 Ways to Achieve a Modern Look

The bathroom is one of the most private and intimate rooms in your house. Most of your self-care routine occurs there, including face masks and hot baths. Making it a place you genuinely want to spend time in is crucial for this reason.

The typical renovation project costs roughly 11,000 USD, according to HomeAdvisor. For a large bathroom, a high-end makeover can cost over 25,000 USD. What do these numbers indicate? Complete bathroom renovations can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several low-cost solutions to update your bathroom. If your bathroom is functioning but in need of an upgrade, think about these low-cost improvements:

Upgrade Your Showerhead and Faucet

Replace your outdated showerhead with a sizable rain-style one. Home supply stores have many reasonably priced variants that easily connect to existing plumbing. Another way to update and modernize a bathroom is by replacing outdated faucets. To guarantee that they all have the same finish, it is advisable to replace every fixture at once, including the sink faucet, showerhead, and handles.

Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

A new light source is sometimes all a bathroom needs to look its best. This is especially true in bathrooms with poor lighting, to begin with, or with dim illumination that already exists. As the primary lighting source in the bathroom, think about installing a beautiful new light fixture. 

A shower can look much better with waterproof recessed lighting, and adding more illumination to the area around the vanity is always beneficial. To give the area a fresher, broader appearance than yellow lighting, opt for lights with high power that lean toward daylight white illumination.

Changing the lighting can substantially impact a bathroom’s appearance and functionality. Light fixtures are essential in bathrooms without windows. Probably not enough light is provided by the single fixture over the sink. LED lighting is more energy-efficient and brighter than outdated light fixtures. Add a chandelier for a romantic appearance.

Add More Space for Storage

Unfortunately, storage is sometimes overlooked in restrooms. Adding OPPOLIA bathroom vanities creates more storage for your bathroom items like soaps, lotion, towels, shampoos, and more. Additionally, adding open or ladder shelves provides storage without making bathrooms feel crowded. All of these storage solutions will keep your bathroom space looking neat at all times.

Add Greenery

Any area of the house with plants feels more energetic. But more than in any other room in the house, the bathroom’s success depends on the employment of plants because bathrooms tend to have hard surfaces and few other opportunities to provide warmth.

Additionally, plants successfully contribute color to the interiors of our homes without competing with other hues, which is good news if your home already features many colors. Even in the smallest bathroom, there is always room for plants, whether a small plant on the vanity or a floor plant for the corner.

Replace the Mirror

A mirror is a terrific addition since it offers a simple method to add style to any area. By reflecting light in a room, they provide the impression that the area is more significant. Even the smallest bathroom will appear larger if you install a large mirror. Add a frame to an existing large unfinished mirror over the sink to give it a finished appearance. A double vanity has two gilded mirrors above it for a contemporary flair.

Choose Your Wall Art Carefully

Decorating your bathroom is a challenge. Valued artwork can readily deteriorate due to too much moisture in the air. Paintings should be avoided since they are frequently distorted by steam. In restrooms, framed pictures and posters typically do well. 

Additionally, you can choose ceramic wall art or elegant ceramic plates. Consider displaying your family and loved ones if you’re redesigning your bathroom on a low budget. Ensure the frame has a strong backing and is thoroughly sealed before hanging.

Upgrade Your Toilet Fixtures

To further enhance the modern look of your bathroom, consider upgrading your toilet fixtures. Opt for a compact toilet that saves space and adds a sleek and contemporary touch to the overall design. Compact toilets are ideal for smaller bathrooms, offering functionality without compromising style. Choose fixtures that complement the existing elements of your bathroom, such as the sink faucet, showerhead, and handles, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. By incorporating a compact toilet into your renovation project, you not only improve the functionality of the space but also contribute to the overall modern and efficient feel of your private oasis.

Repaint Your Walls to Refresh Them

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A new coat of paint can completely transform the color palette of your bathroom, giving the room a brand-new appearance. Think about painting the ceiling and walls the same color. Using a single, recurring hue gives you the impression of more room and higher ceilings. For simple maintenance, use a glossy coating that resists moisture.


Not every bathroom upgrade is costly; various upgrades are cost-effective. You can add new showerheads and faucets, repaint walls and add greenery to give your bathroom life. Add more storage to help you store items and lighting to add more brightness. You can also add wall art to boost your bathroom decor.

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