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5 Eye Makeup products
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5 Eye Makeup products You Must Have in Your Pouch

It does not matter what kind of makeup you are wearing, be it simple or Glam, but if your eye makeup is on point your entire game changes. Attractive eye makeup elevates your entire look, making you look your absolute best. If your eye makeup game is on point then you do not really have to invest much time in talking because your eyes will do it for you.

For the perfect eye makeup, you need the best eye makeup kit sorted. If you don’t have one then don’t worry, we are here to help you out with a few of the best eye makeup products that you must have in your pouch. Let us check them out below.

Kohl Kajal

The first  eye makeup product that you absolutely must have in your make up pouch is a kohl kajal. There might be days when you don’t feel well and it shows on your face, on days like these your Kajal is your best friend. One single stroke of your Kajal helps in changing your entire look and makes your face look absolutely fresh. You can also use your Kajal in multiple ways like –like a smoky eyeshadow when smudged well, like a brow filler, like a lip liner when you want to elevate your lip colour, and also like a waterproof eyeliner. Make sure you always carry your Kajal in your bag and you can re-apply for a nice and fresh look instantly.


The next eye makeup product that you must have is a waterproof eyeliner. No matter what kind of makeup you do, finishing it off with an eyeliner always changes the entire game. On days when you want to keep your eye makeup simple, just apply the best eyeliner you have and you are done. You can try different styles of eyeliner like a simple bold one, winged eyeliner, graphic eyeliner, fox style eyeliner or even cat style eyeliner. Your eyeliner is what completes your entire eye make up and gives it a complete look. Make sure you always pick a waterproof eyeliner because this will not smudge or budge no matter what. A waterproof eyeliner is just perfect for any and every location and all weather conditions. Regular eyeliners tend to wash down or melt due to weather conditions or when you get emotional at wedding functions. So be wise and which eyeliner you buy next time.

When it comes to picking the best eyeliner, you can even try coloured eyeliners. These eyeliners are very funky and colourful which give your eyes a whole new level of makeover. Colour eyeliners are great with eyeshadow or without eyeshadow, they look great when warned in any way. So if you don’t have coloured eyeliners already, go grab a few right now.

Brow Filler

The next eye make up product is a brow filler. Untamed and scarce browse do not look attractive at all. Your eye makeup game might be on point but incomplete eyebrows bring your entire game down in a second. Even on days when you are not wearing any makeup, tamed and full brows make you look presentable instantly. But make sure you use your brow filler in the right way and not overdo it. Over doing your brows can only make you look funny and unnatural, so make sure you do it in the right way. 

Here is how you can get the most perfect brows, start by brushing off your brow hair with a spoolie brush. Next take your brow filler and start drawing the upper line and the lower line of your brows till the tip. Next start stroking around the areas where you have lined. Now take your spoolie brush again and brush out on the areas that you have just filled. For the front part of your brows don’t overline it, just lightly stroke and brush out all the way. This way your brows will not look fake but it will look much fuller and neat.


Who doesn’t like dreamy and fluttering eyelashes? And for these dreamy magical eyelashes there is no such magic wand, all you need is a perfect mascara. Once your eye makeup is complete you are good to go as long as you haven’t tried a mascara to finish it off. But once you try on a mascara, we promise you that there is no going back. Even on days when you are not wearing any makeup except for your sunscreen, compact powder, a little blush and neat brows, adding in a little bit of mascara changes your entire look. Perfectly curled lashes look like a dream and make you look your absolute best any time.

Eyeshadow Palette

Now what is even eye makeup without a dash of colour? Yes you guessed it right we are talking about eyeshadow palettes. You can own from one eyeshadow palette to 10 maybe, but make sure you have all the shades you can ever imagine. The more colours, the better and all the more looks that can be created. Make sure you have a few pretty nude eyeshadow colours for your daily wear because these not only add colour but also makes you look fresh and presentable. Keep a few shimmer shades for those special occasions and a few bright colours for all those warm summer afternoon hang outs. The bottom line is go and play with all the colours and look your pretty best.

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