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Top 12 Game-Changing Tools for Mastering Diamond Painting
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Top 12 Game-Changing Tools for Mastering Diamond Painting

A diamond painting kit usually includes all the basics that you need to get started with diamond painting. You can indeed begin your diamond painting right away after getting your hands on the kit and reading about what tools other diamond artists are using.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, having the right tools at your hand is key. The result will be shown in more brilliant diamond art that you can happily show to your friends and family.

Advanced Tools For Diamond Painting 

A diamond painting kit includes all of the essential tools that are needed to complete a diamond painting. However, there are some advanced tools that can help you work like a pro on your diamond painting kit. 

Some of the most common & top-rated diamond painting supplies are discussed below:

1. Diamond Applicator Pens 

Single diamond drill pen: The single diamond drill pen is included in each diamond painting kit. However, you may need to update your diamond drill pen collection to improve your output by lowering each diamond painting project’s time. There is a vast range of diamond painting pen designs. You can also choose a specific square diamond pen or round diamond pen.

Multi-Diamond Applicator: When putting the same color drills on a big area of the diamond painting canvas, a single diamond drill takes more time. In our hurry, we often do not place diamonds straight. In such a situation, we can use a multi-placer. A multi-placer has a wide end where we can stick 3, 4, 6, or 9 drills at a time and put them on the canvas.

Self-Stick Diamond Painting Pen: Alternatively, you can also use a self-stick drill pen. It is three times faster than a regular pen and doesn’t require wax. You can work with any kind of diamond, be it square, round, or special gems.

The Wheel-Shaped Diamond Applicator: A wheel-shaped diamond drill applicator works on the same concept as a straight multi-placer. The difference is that it has a wheel on the end, where you stick your gems and place them on the paper.

Pro Tips 

  • Use a multi-placer when working on big areas of the same color.
  • Use a self-stick drill pen for faster fitting and compatibility with all types of diamonds.
  • Consider using a wheel-shaped diamond drill tool for a more comfortable experience.

2. LED Light Pad or Light Board

An LED light pad helps illuminate the diamond painting canvas, making it easier to see the symbols and work with greater accuracy, especially in dimly lit spaces. Sizes vary from A1, A2, A3, A4, and so on. If you are working on a small canvas, you can choose size A4 of the light Pad. Moreover, smaller and, ultra-slim light pads are easy to carry around.

Some people also prefer using smaller light pads for bigger diamond paintings and just slide them underneath the part of the diamond painting where they are working. Always choose a light pad with different lighting levels, so you lower the light or brighten it according to your taste.

Pro Tips 

  • Choose a light pad with changeable brightness to fit your working surroundings.
  • Consider using a smaller light pad for bigger star painting.
  • Use a light pad with different lighting settings to improve sight.

3. Diamond Art Tweezers

Fine-tipped tweezers are handy for picking up individual diamonds, especially for correcting misplacements or handling small details. Make your production process smoother. Bring more convenience when you make diamond paintings. Easy to pour the remaining diamonds into the bag with the opened diamond tray.

Pro Tips 

  • Use fine-tipped tweezers for accurate placing and adjustment.
  • Use tweezers to quickly move leftover diamonds from the tray to the storage container.

4. Diamond Storage Containers

Storage containers with compartments help organize and store leftover diamonds from different projects, keeping them neatly sorted and easily accessible. A diamond storage case is a staple for every diamond painting artist. We can’t imagine starting diamond painting or peinture diamant without arranging our diamond drills first.

Now, diamond painting organizers can be of different types. You may find a diamond organizer with only jars for keeping diamond drills and no room or bag to hold other tools. Similarly, you can also find diamond painting storage boxes with 30 to 60 bottles. These kinds of diamond organizers are movable and easy to screw off. They don’t pop open when you drop them.

Some of the boxes come with a tube that makes it easy to fill them. Even if you don’t find a funnel with the package, you can buy them separately. Forget about tic-tac bins invest in a proper storage case and enjoy your relaxing time in an organized way.

Diamond Storage Containers
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Pro Tips 

  • Choose a diamond storage case with sections to order your diamonds by color.
  • Consider using a storage box with movable and screw-off jars for easy access.
  • Invest in a storage case with a scoop for easy filling.

5. Alternative of Wax, Glue, or Extra Wax

Although the paint with diamonds kit comes with a wax pad, it usually gets too hard to use based on the temperature.

Additional choice: Expert diamond makers like to use Blu Tack as an additional choice. A small ball of Blue Tack goes a long way and works better than a pink wax pad that comes with the kit.

Extra Wax Pad: How annoying it would be when you are on a working run, and the wax pad gives up on you. It’s always better to keep a stash of one or two extra wax pads for such scenarios.

Glue: Another important tool in diamond painting is to have glue to stick diamond drills onto the canvas. The reason to always have glue at hand is that some of the diamonds don’t stick due to the reduced adhesiveness of the diamond painting canvas.

Quality adhesive ensures the diamonds stay firmly attached to the canvas, preventing any accidental displacement.

Pro Tips 

  • Use Blu Tack as an option to wax for better bonding.
  • Keep extra wax pads on hand for when the original one goes out.
  • Use glue to fix stubborn diamonds that don’t stick properly.

6. Diamond Painting Roller or Brayer

No matter how carefully you work, some stubborn diamond drills will pop out or loosen on the canvas. A roller or brayer helps firmly press the diamonds onto the canvas. The roller comes in handy and is an important tool for fixing the diamond drills tightly in their place. Some of the rollers are made of plastic; some are wooden, whereas you can also find soft and foamy rollers. They all have the same goal. The only change is the smoothness you feel while using the roller pin on the paper.

Pro Tips 

  • Use a roller or brayer to firmly press diamonds onto the canvas and prevent them from popping out.
  • Choose a roller or brayer made of the material you prefer (plastic, wood, foam).

7. Diamond Straightener or Ruler

Round diamond drills are light in nature and don’t require much effort, and the total effect of the slightly off-placed diamond painting is minor. On the other hand, square diamond drills need accuracy. A slightly wrong diamond would show in the end result of the glossy diamond art. Working with square diamonds needs a diamond straightener for a better finish. It’s a must-have on the list of diamond artists who prefer square drills.

You can utilize tweezers to straighten the diamond resin one at a time or use a diamond painting ruler tool. The scraper tool allows putting diamonds in a straight line much faster. The advantage is you use them when the artwork is still in progress or even after finishing the whole job.

Pro Tips 

  • Use a diamond straightener or scraper tool to line square diamonds for a neater finish.
  • Straighten gems either during the job or after finishing.

8. LED Magnifying Glass

It’s absolutely essential when it comes to diamond painting. Diamond painting involves working with tiny beads. Focusing on these tiny beads for a longer time causes strain on the eyes, and soon the whole purpose of resting yourself backfires if you get a headache due to diamond painting.That’s why experts suggest using a magnifying glass or LED magnifying lamp. While a simple magnifying glass can work completely fine, the LED magnifying desk lamp can take the diamond painting game to the next level. The two-in-one function of LED magnifier glass includes lighting the painting and magnifying it.

LED Magnifying Glass
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Pro Tips 

  • Use an LED magnifying glass or work lamp to reduce eye pain and improve precision.
  • Choose a magnifying glass with changeable magnification and lights.

9. Clear Sealable Bags or Zip Pouches

These are useful for storing individual customized diamond painting, also called Broderie Diamant Personnaliséis, projects in progress, keeping all the materials together, and preventing any mix-ups.

Pro Tips 

  • Use clear sealable bags or zip boxes to store diamonds from individual diamond painting projects in progress.
  • Label each bag with the project name & DMC number to avoid mix-ups.

10. Diamond Mini Vacuum

Unless you never spill diamond drills or don’t care about diamonds that fall on the floor accidentally, you should always invest in a small cleaner. The small cleaner has a section at its base to gather all the tiny beads, which you can utilize after cleaning them with a cloth.

Alternatively, you can also use a lint brush to pick up the dropped diamond beads from the floor.

Pro Tips 

  • Use a diamond small cleaner to quickly and easily pick up spilled diamonds.
  • Consider using a lint brush as an option for a small cleaner.

11. Diamond Painting Wooden Frames

Your diamond painting will become dusty in the cupboard or storage boxes if you do not show it in a frame. You can either buy a standard pre-made photo frame or get it framed by an expert picture framer.

You can also do a little DIY and with a bit of imagination, you can frame your canvas in a cheap way, especially if you can’t find the right size of frame for your canvas. Elevate the presentation of your rich and sparkling diamond painting with an impactful design by choosing a Wooden Gates Impactful Design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your artwork.

Pro Tips 

  • Frame your finished diamond painting to protect it from dust and improve its look.
  • Choose a frame that matches the style and colors of the diamond painting.
  • Consider framing the diamond painting yourself for a more unique touch.

12. Instruction Guide and Inventory Sheets

Keeping the instruction guide and inventory sheets handy ensures that you’re following the right pattern and have all the necessary diamonds for your project. 

Pro Tips 

  • Keep the instruction manual and inventory sheets ready to ensure you’re using the proper pattern and have all the necessary diamonds.
  • Refer to the DMC chart for sign key and placement directions.
  • Use the inventory sheets to track the leftover diamonds and spot any gaps.

Final Thoughts

Investing in these professional diamond painting tools not only enhances your crafting experience but also ensures accuracy, organization, and ease throughout your projects. With these tools at hand, you can interest yourself in the creative process and produce stunning diamond paintings with finesse.

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