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How to Work with Party Wall Consultants in London
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How to Work with Party Wall Consultants in London

Party wall consultants in the UK are often surveyors, architects, or other legal experts with experience in the Party Wall Act of 1996 and other construction matters. They provide consultancy services to people when building a new structure or making extensions that affect the party wall.

If you have such a project in the UK, you should consider hiring professional party wall consultants in London such as Humphreysandsons to take you through the process. So, how do you work with these experts? Here is important information that you need to know.

Who Are Party Wall Consultants?

Before we tell you who these professionals are, let’s take a minute to look at the Party Wall Act of 1996. This is a law that outlines the rights and responsibilities of building owners in regard to shared walls, commonly known as party walls. It also contains other guidelines that are related to constructing in a residential area where other dwellers are affected.

Now, the party wall consultants in London come in to help you interpret the act and help you seek the necessary planning and building permissions when constructing a new building or doing an extension to your existing building.

How to Choose Party Wall Consultants in London

Hiring party wall consultants in London is just like hiring any other service provider. But you must use the best professionals, especially those with architectural and legal expertise, to get the most from these consultants. Consider the following when getting one:

  • Their expertise and experience – Most party wall consultants in London are architectural firms comprising of architects and employees with expertise in party wall matters and more. Furthermore, consider their experience to be sure they can handle any unforeseen party wall challenges.
  • Registration and certificates – When looking for party wall consultants in London, consider working with a company that is licensed. Legal matters can only be handled by registered companies in the UK which also makes it possible to apply for building permissions or follow up on any legal matters.
  • Charges – Before hiring and working with party wall consultants in London, consider their charges. These experts often have different packages covering different services they will offer, so choose one that suits your budget and needs.

Working with Party Wall Consultants in London

By now, you should know the best party wall consultants in London. If you have narrowed down to one, the most important thing is checking the terms and conditions of the contract. Be sure to agree on the scope of work as indicated on the package.

Also, agree on the mode of payment to ensure a smooth running of operations when you start working. Most party wall consultants in London are experienced and working with them is easy as long you cooperate in providing the right details.


As you can see, it is easy to work with party wall consultants in London for your UK construction or extension project. The first thing to do is understand what party wall is all about and who party wall consultants in London are. Then you can hire one using by checking the qualities we have discussed. With this, you will have a successful project without any legal challenges.

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