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How to Promote a Hotel Business with Branded Folders
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How to Promote a Hotel Business with Branded Folders

Branded folders are useful in promoting many brands including those of hotels. The hotel can use the folders in numerous ways to promote its name such as at the on-site restaurant, at conference events, and even in rooms. As such, there is a need to focus on high-quality branded folders that can be distributed to as many people as possible where possible.

Some branded folders can bear the hotel theme colours on top of the logo and the name. Others such as leather branded folders may only accommodate an imprinted logo and the name. Regardless, these brand promotion tools are quite effective.

How to Design Branded Folders for Hotels

The hotel marketing department needs to work with a reliable branded folder and bag maker such as RocketBags to create attractive folders. The main point is to have branded folders that will attract the attention of the guests or entice them to use the folders regularly if they are given to the guests. 

As you make the design, focus on the folder material. Those folders that are used in the restaurant and reception to hold the bills should be made of leather for quality presentation and durability. Branded folders placed in rooms might be made of artificial material and should have pockets to hold cards with essential information. 

Also, you need to strike a balance between usability and value for branded folders to be given to conference attendees. These should be affordable, especially because they will be given to guests to carry home. 

Lastly, ensure that the branded message such as the company logo and name is visible. For a hotel, it is good to add contact information and a website so that potential guests can check or reach out for more information about the hotel’s services. 

Various Uses of Branded Folders in Hotels

  • Branded leather bill folders – A hotel business with restaurants and bars can take advantage of branded leather folders for billing the guests. They can also be used at the reception to hand the bill to the guests for signing. Ensure that the folders are made from high-quality leather and that they are branded with your hotel logo and name.
  • Branded guest welcome folders in rooms – Every room should have a welcome folder with important information all guests should know. A high-quality leather branded folder with pockets not only holds the printed cards but also gives a first impression that the hotel values quality. Again, ensure it has your hotel name and logo to leave a lasting impression on guests. 
  • Branded conference folders – Does your hotel accommodate conferences? If yes, then you can give attendees branded folders to hold their documents and even take them home. Consider investing in affordable branded folders such as paper or synthetic material folders so that you can afford to give one to every attendee. You can be sure that knowledge of your hotel brand name will spread to as many people as possible.  


Branded folders are excellent marketing tools because they primarily show the name of the hotel and the logo to remind the guests who you are. Branded folders given to guests attending conferences promote your brand beyond the hotel. Therefore, develop folders that leave a lasting impression on guests for brand recognition and promotion. Explore a range of Essential Business Tools for Startup Growth to further enhance your business strategies and overall success.

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