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Home Security Abroad: Protecting Your Residence From Afar
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Home Security Abroad: Protecting Your Residence From Afar

Vacations, work trips, or even longer stints abroad are moments that many of us cherish. However, as we tread the sands of a distant beach or amble through foreign city streets, there’s often a nagging worry in the back of our minds: is our home safe? With increasing globalization and more of us becoming global citizens, the importance of securing our homes while we are away is becoming paramount.

This piece delves deep into some effective strategies to ensure that your abode remains protected even when you’re miles away. 

Invest In A Reliable Security System

Stepping up your home’s security with a dependable system is the first and perhaps most crucial step. Not only do these systems act as a deterrent, but they also provide real-time alerts if someone tries to enter your home. Modern security setups offer remote monitoring, allowing you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are in the world.

While there’s a plethora of options available, check out Alarm Grid. Their intuitive designs and prompt notifications ensure you’re never out of the loop. Plus, the sheer presence of a recognized security system can ward off potential intruders. Remember, it’s an investment not just in physical security, but in your peace of mind.

Smart Lighting

A dark home screams “no one’s home!” Make use of smart lighting to give the illusion of an occupied residence. Program the lights to come on during the evening, and perhaps even simulate activity, like having the TV room lights on for a couple of hours, then the bedroom lights, and so on.

Regular Mail Pickup

An overflowing mailbox or a pile of newspapers on your front door signals absence. If you’re away, ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and newspapers. Alternatively, consider pausing deliveries or using a mail forwarding service.

Use Timers For Electronics

Much like smart lighting, timed electronics can give the impression of an occupied home. Set timers on radios or televisions, so they switch on and off at various times, creating noise and light, and replicating human activity.

Neighborly Bonds

Sometimes, old-school methods work best. Build good relationships with your neighbors. Inform them about your travel plans so they can keep an extra eye on your home. They can report suspicious activity and even help with the little things, like taking out your trash bins to maintain the appearance of occupancy.

Hold Back On Social Media

As tempting as it might be to share your travel adventures in real time, it’s wise to wait until you’re back home. Announcing your absence publicly can invite unwanted attention to your unoccupied home. If you must share, ensure your posts are only visible to a trusted circle.

Secure All Points Of Entry

Before leaving, ensure that all windows, doors, and other entry points are securely locked. It might sound basic, but in the hustle of packing and pre-travel anxiety, these simple checks can be overlooked. Consider adding deadbolt locks for added security.

Hide Valuables

Don’t leave expensive items or valuables in plain sight. If someone does peer through a window, seeing a lack of visible valuables can be a deterrent. Use a safe or, if you’re going to be away for a long time, consider a safe deposit box at your bank.

Install Motion Sensors

Motion-activated lights or cameras can startle intruders and capture essential footage. These devices have become more affordable and can be integrated with most modern security systems.

Stay Updated

Ensure that your contact information is updated with your security service provider. In case of any alerts, they should be able to reach you or your designated contact immediately.


Being away from home, whether for leisure or work, shouldn’t be marred by constant worry about the security of your residence. By adopting a mix of modern technology and some tried-and-tested traditional methods, you can keep your home safe from afar. 

After all, the best adventures happen when the mind is at peace, knowing that everything you cherish is secure.

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