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A Great Cleaning Tool After a Friend's Party
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A Great Cleaning Tool After a Friend’s Party

Most of my time has been in the state of home, so the living room study bedroom and other places often stay. Autumn and winter will also put the living room carpet, blankets, are arranged, the holidays will be nestled in the sofa carpet all day, but the ground is dirty and dirty can not, but a lot of family members are questioning my home is not a model house, why so clean! In fact, I do not know I have to clean the magic weapon, the home of this tineco s5 steam wet dry vacuum cleaner, suction and drag one magic weapon, no longer need a hoover and mop, just a few minutes every day, you can make the ground carpet clean! Tineco UK products really have too many advantages.

The Aesthetic Appeal

First of all, the value of the face, it is really too good-looking, black and white body with wood grain embellishment, when just unpacked are a little reluctant to use, the large screen and intelligent interaction with a really simple and easy to understand. 

Efficient Cleaning with Tineco S5

Constant pressure living water cleaning, buy tineco floor one s5 steam wet dry vacuum cleaner is to see this flagship function, mopping is really clean, mopping at the same time there are floating scraping bar timely scrape off the dirty, to ensure that the process of mopping the floor, the roller brush will not be secondary pollution. 

Smart Cleaning Technology

Secondly, the red and blue ring intelligent knowledge of dirt inverter, like inverter air conditioning, will be adjusted according to the ground dirty suction size and water output, to do water and electricity saving, water and electricity range are very long.

Self-Cleaning and Hygiene

Multiple steps of self-cleaning, self-cleaning after mopping the floor is also clean and worry-free, first of all, the bacteria removal solution to clean the roller brush, and then centrifugal air-drying to eliminate bacterial growth, only a few minutes to speed drying, clean and hygienic, it is simply the gospel of the lazy man! You can also see clearly when cleaning the edges and corners, dual-drive power systems, whether pushing forward or pulling back, save time and energy, but also automatically identify the direction of the home. Often wet and dry rubbish can also be swept away! 

Smart Monitoring and Feedback

Finally, in addition to different modes to deal with different hygiene issues, more high-tech or it can make its own decontamination liquid, there is no need to add additional disinfectant to the clean water tank! With infrared sensors, usually hygiene, the screen will intelligently display the degree of cleanliness, the red circle means that the place is still dirty, the blue circle means that it has been cleaned! You don’t need to keep an eye on the floor to see if it’s clean!

Effortless Operation

Tineco floor one s5 steam wet dry vacuum cleaner operation is particularly energy-saving, which is really too fragrant! Because it is with the front drive, with the time it does not take too much effort, it will take you away, you only need to control the direction on the line, girls can operate the scrubber one-handed hygiene is really too easy! 

All-in-One Cleaning Solution

Wet and dry rubbish can be cleaned, a machine to deal with a variety of health problems! Intelligent self-cleaning cleaning put it back to the base station, a key to open the self-cleaning mode, the rolling brush can clean up clean, with its own drying will not leave any odour, I have to do is just to go to the sewage tank of water poured out only, compared to the traditional way of dragging and sweeping it is really too much trouble and worry! 

A Clean Home for Entertaining

It’s worth praising that since we have the tineco s5 steam wet dry vacuum cleaner, my husband often takes the initiative to make the house clean,because he really is just a matter of minutes. My home is simple and clean! I really feel that technology has changed our lives, we often have friends visit our home, we will cook together and hot pot, every time after the party, we can’t look at the home, there is such a scrubber that is not afraid of being dirty!

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