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5 Types of Desks to Consider for Your Office
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5 Types of Desks to Consider for Your Office

If you were to ask 100 people how they picture an office, they would think of somewhere that is a bit drab, with the typical square or rectangular desks set up in tiny cubicles. 

However, in the last ten years, offices have undertaken a major change, and now, you may find that when you start setting up an office, there are more options of furniture to choose from. For instance, were you aware that in most offices in 2023 there are more standing desks than sitting ones?

So, what are the different kinds of desks you should consider when setting up new office space? Here’s a quick guide. 

Traditional Desk

Most people who have worked in an office have come across the typical rectangular desk. This is the classic option for most work environments that can provide your team with enough space for a computer or laptop, a phone, a printer, and space for folders. There are usually also drawers and cabinets, depending on the size of the desk.

It’s simple, and it’s versatile, and, best of all, it is affordable and can be found in offices that you can rent from The Workplace Company. However, it’s not the only type. 

L-Shaped Desk

An L-shaped desk is associated more with upper management but has found its way into the world of art and graphic design too. It is usually slightly bigger than a traditional desk, and it can fit into corners, making it better at saving space in tight offices.

The desk typically has separate areas for tasks such as computer work and paperwork and also has the space for multiple monitors to be set up without being too crowded. Or, if you are an art-based business, it offers space for you to open your portfolio and work on your sketches. 

Adjustable Standing Desk

Associated with better work outputs, a standing desk allows your team to switch between sitting and standing while they work. These desks are ideal for staff who have poor posture and also reduce the risk of issues that can come with prolonged sitting, such as slouching, while also upping energy levels. So, if you notice that your team is a bit sluggish after lunch, it may be time to get in some standing desks to help boost their energy.

Collaborative Desks

Do you remember in school when desks were put together when you and other students needed to participate in group tasks?

Well, that is, in essence, what a collaboration or collaborative desk is. These are used and found in open office settings and promote teamwork and interactions. They can be designed in an array of setups, such as clusters or pods, and can help with open communication when working on projects while also offering lots of space. 

Shared Desks

While this desk sounds the same as the aforementioned collab desks, it isn’t – they are designed to save space and involve multiple employees sharing one long desk. These desks often have dividing panels that can be removed to up communication and collaboration.

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